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10 Technology Changes You Should Be Prepared For In The New Year

10 Technology Changes You Should Be Prepared For In The New Year 

What changes in technology will change the face of our digital world in 2023, and what technology trends business leaders need to be prepared for in the new year are discussed in this discussion. 

10 Technology Changes You Should Be Prepared For In The New Year
10 Technology Changes You Should Be Prepared For In The New Year

1. Artificial intelligence will be used everywhere

The use of artificial intelligence will increase in 2023. Businesses will more easily create intelligent products and services using no-code AI (where programs can be created by drag and drop without coding).

We are already seeing this in action in the retail market. A clothing company called Stich Fix is ​​using AI based software to find clothes according to the taste and size of its customers.

In addition, in 2023, shopping and delivery services without human assistance will be seen as a new trend. AI will make these things very easy for buyers.

It can be said that AI is going to change every business process in every industry. Retailers will increasingly use AI to manage their inventory. Then new types of services such as buying online and getting delivery from the store, buying online and returning it to the store will become very common.

AI will be the main driving force behind the new automated delivery system. Employees working in the retail market need to get used to working with machines. 

2. Some parts of the metaverse will materialize

The term 'metaverse' is becoming popular to describe the vast internet world we will enter in the future, a world where we will store our work, play, or communication with others on a permanent platform. Experts say the metaverse will add another $5 trillion to the world economy by 2030. And 2023 is going to be the crucial year, which will decide what will happen in the next decade in the metaverse sector.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies will continue to evolve. In 2023, the metaverse could see another big change. That is our work environment. Meetings will become more commonplace in virtual environments than in real ones. Office people will talk among themselves, brainstorm, help each other in such an environment.

Microsoft and Nvidia have already started building the Metaverse platform for their digital projects.

We will see more advanced “Avatar technology” next year. In the metaverse everyone will have their own digital version or avatar. This avatar may look exactly like us. Using motion capture, the avatar can mimic our movements, body language, and gestures.

It's also possible that avatars will move around in the metaverse without our help. That is, even if we don't log in, the AI-powered avatar will continue to act like itself in the Metaverse world.

Companies are already using AR and VR technology for recruitment and training.

In 2023 we will see this trend increase further. Famous consulting company Accenture has already developed its own metaverse platform called Nth Floor. This virtual platform is designed to resemble their real office. So employees are able to work without going to the office using their Metaverse. 

3. Advancement of Web 3

In 2023, we will also see blockchain technology become more widespread. Companies will create more decentralized (blockchain powered) products and services.

Like now we store everything in the cloud. But if we keep all of our data decentralized and encrypted using blockchain, our data will be more secure and new ways of using and analyzing data will be invented.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be increasingly used for various purposes. For example, NFT tickets will be available for concerts. This ticket might get you backstage, and we can keep it as a souvenir. NFT will become a major medium for buying digital goods and services online. Also the use of NFTs to make contracts with others may become popular. 

4. A link will be created between the real and digital worlds

We have already seen the real and digital worlds merge. This will continue to increase in 2023. Two technologies will play a key role here: digital twin technology and 3-D printing.

A digital twin is a virtual simulation of a real world task, process or product. This simulation can be used to test the use of a product or any process in a safe environment. Designers and engineers will find this digital twin technology very useful. With this technology, they can create products like the real world inside the virtual world and test them. Doing so in practice often turns out to be expensive and risky.

In 2023, we will see the use of this digital technology in all sectors including factory machines, cars, healthcare.

After testing in the virtual world, engineers can modify their designs as needed and print them on a 3D printer to see real samples.

For example, Formula One teams use sensors to collect data during races. These data include road temperature, weather conditions, etc. From this data they can understand how their car is behaving in different situations. This data is then input into digital twin technology to create virtual engines and cars to test. This gives a clear idea of ​​how the various parts of the car will behave in the real world. 3D printers are used to create new parts based on test results.

5. Gene modification will be easier

In the future, we will have worlds where our various materials, plants and even the human body can be edited. Nanotechnology will come in handy, with the help of which we can create new materials. These materials will have new features. As such they will be waterproof and self-healing.

CRISPR-Cas9 technology has been around for many years. However, in 2023 we will see this gene editing technology improve even more rapidly. Altering the DNA will make it easier to change the characteristics of organisms and plants.

Gene editing is a lot like word processing. Just as you add or remove words here, you can do the same in Gene. Any mistake in DNA mutation can be corrected by gene editing. Even food allergy problems, increasing crop production, changing human physical characteristics such as eye or hair color can be done through gene editing. 

6. quantum process

There is a fierce competition around the world to do more work with quantum computers.

Quantum computing involves collecting and processing information in new ways using very small particles (quanta). Quantum computers are thought to be a trillion times faster than today's fastest processors. But the big threat of quantum computing is that it will render our current encryption systems ineffective.

Therefore, the country that has a large-scale quantum computer will be able to hack other countries' business and security systems very easily. So we have to pay attention to quantum computers, because countries like US, UK, China, Russia are pouring money like water into quantum computing technology.

7. Development of green technology

One of the challenges we face today is reducing carbon emissions to prevent the effects of climate change.

In 2023, more work will be done to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen. It is a new type of fuel with very low greenhouse gas emissions. Shell and RBL, two major European companies, are building the world's largest green pipeline from wind power plants in the North Sea.

At the same time we will also see the proliferation of decentralized i.e. small independent power grids. This model consists of low energy power generators and storage systems to generate electricity at small community or individual level. As a result, even if there is no electricity in the main electricity grid, people can use electricity from this small source. Currently the big gas and power companies control our energy system. But as a result of taking the initiative of decentralized or decentralized energy production, it will be possible to democratize the use of electricity, that is, everyone can be given the right to use energy as well as carbon emissions can be reduced to a large extent.

8. Robots will become more “human”.

Robots will become more human-like in 2023. They saw that as they would become like humans, they would become more equal to humans in action. The use of robots in our daily life will be seen more and more.

Robots will act as bartenders, bodyguards, to welcome new places, to accompany the elderly. Even more difficult tasks can be done with robots. In warehouses and factories they will work with people as well as production and logistics.

A company has been trying to create human-like robots for several years. These robots will help us in housework. On AI Day in September 2022, Tesla company Elon Musk unveiled two Optimus humanoid robot prototypes to the public. They claim that they will be ready to accept orders for robots from these buyers in the next 3 to 5 years. Optimus robots can perform tasks as simple as carrying things or watering plants. It is believed that we will soon be able to use robot housekeepers at home. 

9. Further improvements in automation

Business leaders are working to create new types of automated systems in the delivery and logistics sector. Many factories and warehouses have already been partially or fully automated.

In 2023 we will see more self-driving trucks and ships. Delivery robots will also be seen. The number of automated warehouses and factories will also increase.

British online supermarket Ocado, which bills itself as “the world's largest online grocery retailer,” is already employing thousands of automated robots in its state-of-the-art automated warehouses. These robots are used to pack and transport groceries. Warehouses use AI technology to get products to hand. Now Ocado is working to provide automated technology services to other grocery retailers.

10. More use of sustainable technologies

In 2023, people will lean more towards sustainable technologies. Many of us are now addicted to using smartphones, tablets and computers. But do we think about how the raw materials needed to make these machines are collected? In 2023, people will be more aware of how to collect the minerals needed for the production of technology products such as computer chips and how we will use these rare things properly.

People's efforts will continue in 2023 to make the supply chain more transparent and trouble-free. Because consumers now want the products and services they use to be produced with the environment in mind and use sustainable technologies. 

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