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As many records in this year's football World Cup

As Many Records In This Year's Football World Cup

As many records in this year's football World Cup
As many records in this year's football World Cup

This year's World Cup ended with great excitement and surprise. Argentina's national football team lifted the World Cup trophy after 36 years with a thrilling final against France. Winning team captain Lionel Messi's Instagram post is now the most-liked post on the platform.

Also, during the final match, WhatsApp set a new record with 25 million message transactions per minute. At the same time, the most searches in the history of Google have been done during the final match. However, apart from the final match of Qatar World Cup, there are also great records in other games. Now let's know some such records and statistics.

Records Made By Players

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first goal in a group stage match this year. His penalty against Ghana made him the first player to score in 5 consecutive FIFA World Cups. However, not many players even got the chance to play 5 World Cups. Apart from Messi and Ronaldo, Mexico's Antonio Carbajal, Rafael Marquez, Andres Guardado and Germany's Lothar Mathews have played in the World Cup 5 times.

Ronaldo has also made history as the oldest goal scorer for Portugal in the World Cup. Ronaldo was 37 years and 292 days old in that match against Ghana on November 24. He also holds the record for the youngest goalscorer in the World Cup for his country. He was 21 years and 132 days old when he scored his first goal in the 2006 World Cup.

However, Lionel Messi has set the most records this time. He has been man of the match 8 times. Through this, the Argentine star has been awarded the most man of the match titles in the history of the FIFA World Cup. He has also won the Man of the Match award the most times in the history of the World Cup. The Man of the Match award was first given to players in 2002 and Messi won the award in that year's World Cup.

Messi is also the first player to assist in 5 consecutive World Cups. Messi is followed by David Beckham, Pele, Maradona and Polish player Grzegorz Lato, who have each assisted in 3 World Cups.

Moreover, by playing this year's matches, he entered the field as a captain for the most number of times in the World Cup. Also, Lionel Messi has played the most matches in the World Cup overall. And he played the longest World Cup match in terms of minutes. He played a total of 2,314 minutes in the World Cup, including all the matches played in this tournament. Prior to this, the world record of playing 2,217 minutes was held by Italian footballer Paolo Maldini.

Messi is the first player to win the Golden Ball, which is awarded to the best player of the World Cup, twice. Apart from this, he won the Golden Boot in the 2014 World Cup.

After this year's World Cup, Messi's total number of World Cup goals is 13. Through this, he set the record for scoring the most goals in the World Cup for Argentina.

With 13 goals and 8 assists, he also has the most contributions by a single player behind the goals in World Cup history. He also became the oldest player to score goals and assists in a single World Cup match.

The time between Messi's first and last goal in the World Cup was 16 years and 184 days. Cristiano Ronaldo is second in this record with a gap of 16 years and 160 days after Messi.

Messi is the only player to score goals in the World Cup when he was in his 20s, 30s and 40s. Also, he is the only one to score in the group stage, round of sixteen, quarter-final, semi-final and final in a single tournament of the World Cup.

However, French star Kylian Mbappe is next to Messi in the list of the highest goals scored in the World Cup. By scoring a hat-trick against Argentina in this year's final, he reached 12 goals in the World Cup at the age of just 23. There has only been one hat-trick before in a World Cup final. The record of the first hat-trick in the 1966 World Cup belongs to English footballer Jeff Hurst.

Mbappe has scored more goals in one World Cup tournament than any player aged 23 or under. He also holds the record for most goals in the history of the World Cup finals.

Apart from Mbappe, Spanish player Pablo Gavira has set a record as a young star. The player wearing jersey number 9 was born in 2004. And the first player born in '04 to score a World Cup goal with his feet. Gaviria scored the goal in Spain's 7-0 win over Costa Rica in the group stage. Spain scored the most goals in a World Cup match on that day.

Moreover, Olivier Giroud recorded the most goals for the French national team in this tournament. And this time, France captain Hugo Lloris created the record of playing the most number of World Cup matches as a goalkeeper.

Again in the World Cup in Qatar, the first two brothers played in the national teams of two different countries. In this tournament, Inaki Williams, who played for Ghana, and Nico Williams, who played for Spain, are two brothers.

As Many Other Records

For the first time in this season, 8 teams drew their opening match 0-0. This has not happened in any previous World Cup.

The record of highest number of yellow cards in one match of the World Cup has also been set in this World Cup. Spanish referee Antonio Lohoz set the record by showing 18 yellow cards in the quarter-final match between Argentina and the Netherlands.

In addition, England set a record of 100 goals in the World Cup on the day they won 3-0 against Wales in the group stage. Marcus Rashford scored the 100th goal for England. Apart from England, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, France and Spain have the record of 100 goals in the World Cup.

Again, this is the first time that Morocco has played in the semi-finals of the World Cup as an African country. Also, Moroccan player Youssef N-Nesri set a record with a long jump of 2.78 meters to give a header. He holds the record for the longest jump in World Cup games.

Moreover, this is the first time in the history of men's World Cup that a woman has served as a referee. Stephanie Frappert set a record as the first female referee in the Germany vs Costa Rica match held on December 1.

Meanwhile, the World Cup was organized in Qatar with much splendor, but the country could not shine on the field of play. Qatar lost the first match as the host nation. But in all the previous World Cups, the host nation won their first match.

The Most Expensive World Cup In History Drew A Record Number Of Visitors

Qatar is the smallest country to host the World Cup so far. In addition, the first World Cup has been organized in a Middle Eastern country through this season. And this time a record number of spectators came to watch the game at the stadium.

2.45 million spectators flocked to the stadium to watch the World Cup matches this time, several hundred thousand more than the last World Cup held in Russia.

Qatar, the host country, has spent the most on this year's World Cup compared to all previous World Cups. However, FIFA has not disclosed the exact amount of money spent on hosting the World Cup. But according to a Qatari official, $200 billion has been spent on building stadiums, hotels and other facilities including vehicles for the World Cup. According to some news media, the host country spent even more.

In 2002, Korea and Japan jointly hosted that year's World Cup. The event, which was held for the first time in Asia, set the record for the most expensive World Cup in history with a cost of $7 billion.

Germany spent $4.3 billion in 2006 and South Africa $3.6 billion in 2010. Brazil set a new record by spending 15 billion dollars in the next tournament. And Russia spent $11.6 billion on the last World Cup. The amount spent by Qatar is huge in comparison.

That is, even if you add up the money spent on all the previous World Cups, it will not be equal to this World Cup. According to many analysts, an event as expensive as this year's World Cup will not be seen in the next few decades.
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