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Use CityTouch to bank safely from home during this pandemic

Use CityTouch To Bank Safely From Home During This Pandemic

Use CityTouch to bank safely from home during this pandemic
Use CityTouch to bank safely from home during this pandemic

Corona virus has become an epidemic in the world for more than a year. Due to the health risks, the government of each country has imposed various restrictions on public gatherings and going out of the house. As a result, many of our living habits have changed compared to normal times. For the sake of personal protection, we have to relearn many things like using masks or washing hands frequently.

Again, even in this epidemic, our daily activities do not stop. We have to do many things like shopping, seeing a doctor or buying medicine in accordance with the hygiene rules. On the other hand, economic activities have to be continued at the same rate for livelihood. Money transactions have to be done for various purposes of personal or professional life.

The biggest and main means of our money transactions is the bank. And in this time of pandemic, there is no alternative to banking on digital platforms to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

Because the risk of going out of the house in the case of money transactions has to be considered seriously. So right now the only way to transact money without any health risk is to use digital or online platform.

Meanwhile, to avoid risks, consumers are also becoming aware by following the advice of experts. According to the data published by Bangladesh Bank, the rate of money transactions of customers through digital technology such as electronic fund transfer service increased by more than 80 percent in just one month at the beginning of the corona epidemic.

However, most banking services offered by traditional institutions still require customers to physically visit the bank. What is done in the current situation is a health risk for everyone.

Therefore, keeping in mind the needs and benefits of customers, City Bank has been providing banking services through digital platforms for a long time. Currently, compared to other banking apps in the country, City Touch, the digital banking platform of City Bank, has the most banking services.

CityTouch users get most of the banking services from money transactions to opening FD-DPS, depositing utility bills or insurance premiums or taking loans in a quick time.

So bank on the health protection of yourself and your loved ones around you through CityTouch. At the same time, in this situation of epidemic, feel free to use CityTouch to take any type of banking services related to banking or money transactions at home.

So, to install Citytouch on your Apple or Android device today, go to the specific app store and search by writing 'Citytouch'. Or visit from your desktop or laptop computer browser.
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