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Save for any kind of hobby in City Bank DPS account

Save For Any Kind Of Hobby In City Bank DPS Account

Save for any kind of hobby in City Bank DPS account
Save for any kind of hobby in City Bank DPS account

People of any profession can reap many benefits if they have the habit of saving money. In this way, as small hobbies can be made to fulfill, in the future one does not have to come under financial pressure in any unexpected danger.

Let's take the case of going somewhere on vacation. Usually, if you want to travel somewhere outside the country, you need a lot of money. Because the cost of traveling to a popular tourist spot, shopping or accommodation is usually a little high.

Starting from the latest model smartphone or notebook to buying gadgets like Play-station or Xbox, it takes a lot of money. In these cases it is often difficult to raise the entire amount together.

But if you save money in advance with such a goal in mind, it becomes much easier to fulfill the hobby.

Depositing a small amount every month will give you enough money to meet your goals in a short period of time. Also, the money of the bonuses which are available on various occasions can also be saved.

But there needs to be a specific plan to save money. Because even if you want to save money for a long time to fulfill a hobby or goal, many times it is seen that after a few months the money is not saved due to various reasons. In this case, if you have a DPS or Fixed Deposit (FD) account, you have to deposit money there every month as per the plan.

Again, FD or DPS account can help you decide exactly how many months you want to complete the goal or how much money you want to deposit. That is to say, you can plan your money deposit through bank FD or DPS account to meet any big or small goal.

Moreover, another advantage of depositing money in DPS account is that it earns interest on the money deposited in it. And when the long accumulated money is available together, a different kind of satisfaction works in itself.

However, the biggest problem faced by customers in opening a DPS or FD account is the account tenure. Many institutions do not offer short-term DPS or FD accounts for hobbies that do not require a lot of money. However, City Bank customers get this opportunity.

Generally, to open such an account, it is required to open it for at least a year in most of the conventional companies. However, if desired, a 'goal-based DPS account' can be opened in Citibank for a minimum of 6 months only. From 6 months to 120 months, through this DPS account, you can deposit money to meet any goal, big or small.

Moreover, there is no obligation to deposit much money in this DPS account of City Bank every month. A minimum of 500 taka to a maximum of 50,000 taka can be deposited per month. Again, the convenience of the customer is also given priority in determining the date on which the money will be deposited every month.

The amount of interest customers will earn on deposits in goal-based DPS accounts depends on the tenure of the account. However, compared to other conventional institutions, City Bank's DPS account offers an attractive rate of interest.

Again, if you want to calculate how much money will accumulate in a goal-based DPS account over a period of several months, you can calculate it at home. Therefore, visit the City Bank website and go to the 'Term Deposit Account' section to see the names of several types of FD and DPS accounts.

From there, click on 'Goal-Based DPS' to learn more about this account. A Microsoft Excel file has been uploaded in a section called 'Maturity Value Calculator' on the web page of 'Goal-Based DPS'. You can calculate how much money you will get at the end of the period if you go there and deposit how much money for how many days.

Again, there is no need to go to the bank to open a Citibank FD or DPS account. You can open your own DPS account from anywhere in the world through CityTouch.

So to easily open FD or DPS account, login to CityTouch app today and click on 'More' option. From there, go to the 'Account Services' section and you will see the option to open an FD or DPS account.

Also visit to use CityTouch from your PC or Laptop
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