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10 Signs You're A 'Workaholic'

10 Signs You're a 'Workaholic' 

There is a big difference between a diligent employee and a workaholic Workaholics add a new dimension to the word 'work'. It's not like you suddenly became a workaholic one morning.

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10 Signs You're A 'Workaholic'

Most working people do not realize when they have become or are about to become a workaholic

For workaholics, taking a few days off from work, traveling with family, these are very strange things. Most of their lives revolve around their work, their boss and their busy moments.

Are you one of them? Or are you going to be any of them? Sometimes these subtle changes are not easily noticed by us. But there is no reason to worry Know the 10 signs that you may be slowly turning into a workaholic. 

1. Prioritize work

You may skip family events for work, and you often like to use this as an excuse. Because you feel more comfortable finishing office work than attending those events. You keep telling yourself, "Don't worry, we can spend more time when the work is done."

But that day never comes. Before you know it, people get tired of inviting you because they already know what your answer might be.

2. Talking about work all the time

You talk about work everywhere inside and outside the office. May your life revolve around work all the time. Nothing else attracts you like that. Action is your only thing to start a story. 

3. Be the first to come to work but the latest to return

When everyone tries to get out of the office first thing on Thursday afternoon or evening, you stay there late into the night with work. 

4. Discomfort at rest without working

Even when you get some time for yourself, you don't feel comfortable resting. Your thoughts are always busy with work. “Is the venue fixed for the conference?” “Did I forget to report something important?”—your mind is always on work. Even when you're done, your mind is still buzzing with new things to do. thinking 

5. Keep the boss happy

You should never say "no" to your boss no matter how much work you have! You just keep going either way. Just like an ideal student loved by the school teacher. 

6. Bring work whenever you get a chance

Sometimes when you have too much work to do, you bring work home Most people leave these tasks for the next day But you, never. You have to finish that day's work on that day Your house fills up with your office files and papers

7. Checking work email on phone or laptop all the time

You carry your phone or laptop everywhere You keep these devices close at hand all the time so that no new news from your client or boss gets leaked Even if there is nothing you keep looking every 5 minutes Sometimes you think your phone is ringing but it's not. 

8. Personal life is slowly collapsing

When you are busy with work, there is no doubt that you neglect your personal life. You quarrel with your spouse about anything Due to lack of time, you also meet less with your friends. Even, sometimes your beloved pet doesn't recognize you.

9. Always wanting to control work

It's a good thing to want to control your work. But if you want to control too much, eventually work will start controlling you. It is difficult for you to divide work among colleagues. Instead, take the extra time to complete it all by yourself because you want the job to be done thoroughly. 

10. Frequent mood swings

Your mood often fluctuates especially when you are not at work. You return home with a thick black cloud on your head. You are so tired and worried that you have no patience for even the smallest things. In fact, your emotions fluctuate like a roller coaster.
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