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5 Industries That Voice Recognition Technology Will Transform

5 Industries That Voice Recognition Technology Will Transform

The use of technology through talk or conversation is going to be part of our future. That's why big companies in the technology world like Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft are investing heavily to stay ahead in voice technology.
5 Industries That Voice Recognition Technology Will Transform
5 Industries That Voice Recognition Technology Will Transform

Basically, in the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion about 'voice interaction' technology. The question may come, why this technology that is more than a decade old has suddenly started to gain importance?

The popularity of voice services like Amazon's 'Alexa', Google's 'Assistant', Apple's 'Siri' and Microsoft's 'Cortana' is increasing day by day. Therefore, the top companies in the technology world are now giving more priority to creating conversational interfaces. Now consumers are able to perform complex tasks with their devices without the use of keyboards. A lot of work is being done with only verbal instructions.

In short, the renewed interest of major tech companies in voice processing technology will lead to its use in many other industries. Now let's take a look at some of the industries in which the use of voice technology will increase in the near future. It will lead to a radical change in the way customers use products and services associated with these industries.

1. Motor Vehicle

Drivers cannot do much while driving conventional vehicles. Mainly with safety in mind, automobiles are not built with features for drivers that require manual dexterity. But through the 'hands-free voice interface', car manufacturers can add many new features for drivers. Due to the use of this technology, drivers can do many things while keeping their eyes on the road. In this way, the safety of the driver and passengers will increase.

Many are already using voice interaction technology on their phones while driving. Hence, if the automotive manufacturing industry looks into this, their large number of customers can benefit. Because most people now have to spend several hours a day on the road or in a car.

The driving experience of the future will be completely different from what it is now. Then your car will become one of the means of communication through conversation.

2. Advanced Technology Wearables

Wearable devices that don't require a separate screen are becoming popular. This is because of the use of voice technology in those devices. Sensors now found in devices from popular brands like Fitbit now require a separate mobile interface. However, it is possible to use the operating system on these wearable devices through voice technology. If this is the case, there will be no need for a smartphone to use these devices.

3. Customer Service

Voice technology has already brought significant changes to the customer service sector. In continuation of this, the conversational interface will bring all the big changes in the near future. An example of this is a call center. Many call centers are now using voice recognition technology to communicate more efficiently with customers.

Basically, any task related to communication will be enhanced by voice technology. It is true that human-to-human communication in any case produces the most effective results. However, in the future this communication will become more advanced due to the use of voice technology.

4. Devices For The Visually Impaired

Voice user interfaces allow the visually impaired to experience the world in a way that was previously unimaginable.

For example, there was no opportunity to use mobile phones or internet in front of the visually impaired. Technology companies have not taken any initiative in this regard. Improvements in voice technology are creating new opportunities for the visually impaired.

5. Language Translation And Interpreting Work

As voice technology improves, so can translation. Many organizations such as Google are now working on 'voice processing systems', which are changing the landscape of translation work. For example, in the beginning 'Google Translate' was a very basic app, which did not translate very well. But now many tasks can be done easily with this app. Just as if you say something with your mouth, it is being translated, similarly if you want translated text, it is also being heard.

Such advancements have been made possible by greater research in voice processing and machine learning technologies. Organizations will benefit from these advances in voice processing technology to harness human language. In the near future, there may be a wearable device that can understand any language in the world. This can only be possible with the advancement of voice technology.
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