4 Technologies That Will Come In Handy In Future Parcel Delivery

4 Technologies That Will Come In Handy In Future Parcel Delivery

4 Technologies That Will Come In Handy In Future Parcel Delivery 

Technology is constantly changing in all industries. Logistics and supply chains are no exception. Looking back, it is amazing to think that we used to do a lot of things without the help of different devices, internet or technology. But these technologies are now a part of our daily life.

4 Technologies That Will Come In Handy In Future Parcel Delivery, Delivery by automatic or driverless vehicle,  Shipping by drone,  Instant tracking of courier,  Information about the condition of the parcel
4 Technologies That Will Come In Handy In Future Parcel Delivery

But more important than what has happened in the past is knowing about the technologies that are going to come in the future.

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Every day in different parts of the world new predictions are being made about the technology of the future. Moreover, we now have more data than ever before. By analyzing these data, we can now guess what new innovations and improvements are going to come in the parcel delivery industry in the days ahead. 

1. Delivery by automatic or driverless vehicle 

The global automotive market in 2019 was 68.7 billion. It is estimated that in 2029 it will increase to 196.2 billion dollars.

This technology of automatic car is slowly evolving. This technology will open the door to many possibilities for faster transportation of goods in the future.

Companies such as Amazon, Tesla and Gatik are currently experimenting with different types of driverless cars. In the future, these cars will bring us all new solutions for parcel delivery. This will include driverless minibuses or other vehicles besides trucks. 

2. Shipping by drone 

The use of drones in commodity delivery may take some time to become widespread. However, there is considerable potential for the use of drones in this sector.

It is estimated that 3 more drones will be sold in the market in 2025 than in 2020. And by 2023, the market for drones will reach 1.68 billion by next year.

According to Forbes, parcels can be delivered in less than half an hour of delivery if delivered by drone. 

3. Instant tracking of courier 

Route planners and managers of international parcel delivery organizations are now using various tracking tools to track courier instant inquiries. As a result, if there is a risk of delay in shipment, it is possible to anticipate it and take action accordingly.

Theglobal satellite navigation system is expected to reach 324 billion by 2029. Then this technology will bring all the features that are more efficient and convenient for different parcel delivery organizations.

Information included in future tracking systems may include the benefit of real-time or instant updates of each stop. This will allow those who move goods from one place to another for delivery to know which route will take less fuel and time and will be able to deliver faster. 

4. Information about the condition of the parcel 

Packaging is one of the most important thing to properly ship a parcel. But during the delivery, various kinds of unforeseen events may happen, which we should not forget. However, developers working with technology to deal with these problems have already come up with various innovative solutions.

By using these technologies on a large scale, users will get more accurate information about the movement of their parcels. It will not only be possible to know the current status of the product or shipment, but also the conditions under which the goods are being transported. 

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