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4 Great And Promising Smartphone Technologies Of the Future

4 Great And Promising Smartphone Technologies Of the Future 

21st Century smartphones are incredibly advanced. 

4 Great And Promising Smartphone Technologies Of the Future,6G, Ways to charge the phone with or without over-the-air charging, Nano battery, Smartpho
4 Great And Promising Smartphone Technologies Of the Future

Smartphones are already having a significant impact on our lives. But what more could a smartphone have in the future and what other innovations can we expect?

This time we discussed 4 potential technologies, which can be seen in smartphones in the near future. 

1. 6G

Six-G or Sixth-Generation Wireless is the next step in Five-G. And it will certainly provide better internet facilities and speed.

The idea is that the Six-G will be a kind of broadband cellular network like its predecessors. And now many big companies including Nokia, Apple and Samsung are showing keen interest in this developing technology.

Researchers and developers are considering incorporating artificial intelligence or AI with the Six-G in order to work faster and process data at a much higher rate. AI can be used to assist, format or design and optimize the functionality of the Six-G.

As the Six-G becomes more widespread in the future, it is also being considered to ensure enhanced customer safety and privacy. 

2. Ways to charge the phone with or without over-the-air charging 

Over-the-air technology will be used to charge the phone in the future. This technology will make the charging system of the smartphone much easier. You walk into your home, and your phone automatically connects to the over-the-air charger without any hassle or even a thought.

One type of charging station will be required to use this technology. And it will have a kind of sensor that can detect the presence of the phone in its vicinity.

The idea is that initially these charging stations will be the size of a medium box. This means that its size will be much larger than the conventional cable charger. However, compared to the size of the benefits will be much more. 

3. Nano battery

Simply put, today's phone batteries do not work as efficiently. In today's phones, when signals are exchanged, the power has to be drawn from the battery and power is also used during the signal movement.

Nanobatteries will effectively decentralize this process of energy use and transfer. At the same time very fast charging can be done with the help of nanobatteries. As a result, better battery life is expected.

However, scientists have not yet been able to bring nanobatteries into small enough size. So it will take many more years for the technology to come on the market. 

4. Smartphone without SIM card 

With the introduction of eSIM, plastic SIM cards will no longer be on the market.

E-SIM is a virtual SIM, which will be given to the customer from the phone network company. The advantage of e-SIM is that it is like a complete virtual account. As a result, this SIM can be easily updated and changed. It makes it easy to switch from one network to another, using multiple networks at the same time.

If there is e-SIM, the customer does not have to go to the store for the new network SIM. No need to wait for a new SIM card. With this, the phone network can be switched quickly without any complications. 

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