How Technology Can Make The Teaching Profession More Effective ✅ How Technology Can Make The Teaching Profession More Effective

How Technology Can Make The Teaching Profession More Effective

How Technology Can Make The Teaching Profession More Effective 

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The use of technology in education has suddenly increased in the Kovid epidemic. At the same time, in many parts of the world, technological deficits have been noticed. As a result, technology could not play an effective role in education.

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Economist David K. Evans recently explored in the "Education Technology for Effective Teachers" * note, how to make the work and life of teachers easier by using technology in education without avoiding the problem of teachers.

He has also researched ways to make the teaching method as effective as possible. In this case, he has gathered the experiences of teachers and students from different parts of the world, including low and middle income countries. Based on these observations, he identified and discussed four principles for investing in technology to enhance the professional skills of teachers. These are: 

• Principle 1: Technology is not the solution to all crises in the field of education.  But technology can solve many small problems in the education system.

• Policy 2: Emphasis should be placed on increasing technical investment in education, training, support, monitoring and maintenance.

• Principle 3: Technology should be tested before application and it should be ensured that it is 100% effective.  It is also important to note that the technology is being used properly.  At the same time, make sure that the rate of education is increasing as a result.

• Policy 4: The technology used to monitor and manage teachers will only work if the policy makers are willing. 

All these principles are very important. But anyone involved in the evaluation and implementation of education technology knows that these principles are difficult to apply.

David Evans discusses 6 topics, including practical examples from different countries, on how to use technology to help teachers in the education system. 

1.Teacher training

In the United States, virtual teacher training has been as effective as direct training. However, in South Africa, virtual teacher training has not been very effective. Although this training is expected to work better over time. However, a mixed model of virtual and direct training will probably be most effective. 

2.Evaluate teachers' knowledge and educational skills

Tab devices have been instrumental in delivering teachers' written lesson plans and other teaching aids in Pakistan and South Africa. Whether or not teachers continue to use them over time, however, depends on their success.

The numerous open online courses currently available, Khan Academy, Wikiversity and other platforms can help teachers increase their knowledge and educational skills. 

3.Creating a virtual community for teachers to practice 

Teachers use social media to ask questions about content, practice teaching methods, and engage in friendly competition among themselves. According to Indian teachers, this will create a positive environment in the field of education. 

4.Effectively manage teachers 

In Pakistan, more attention is being paid to monitoring the presence of teachers than ever before. However, in this case, it is necessary to make sure that the teachers are aware of this. In many parts of the world, they are being given the help they need and are being rewarded in certain cases. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. 

5.Effectively recruit teachers 

Data systems should be used to recruit teachers based on where students are located. The current recruitment system almost always fails to do this. 

6.Increase the appeal of teaching as a profession

Remuneration needs to be paid through electronic technology to save time and reduce hassle. The process should be started so that complaints or opinions can be given anonymously. Young people with higher skills need to be encouraged to engage in teaching. That is why it is necessary to increase the use of media. This method is being followed in Chile. 

Technology alone is not the only solution to any problem. But technical tools like books, classrooms and blackboards can help teachers improve their skills and use them effectively.

One should never invest in technology based solely on optimism. Rather, such investments need to be made on the basis of the system's ability to keep the technology working, the teachers' willingness to integrate with the technology, and whether the technology will work better than the existing system.

If technology can meet these requirements, then they can be helpful for teachers. This can make it easier for teachers to use their energy in teaching. 

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