What is Marketing Technology or Martech? 6 Tools ✅ What is Marketing Technology or Martech? 6 Tools

What is Marketing Technology or Martech? 6 Tools

What is Marketing Technology or ‘Martech’?

The concept of Martek is a combination of marketing and technology terms.

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Marketers, who work in marketing, use a variety of software and tools to work in any field of digital marketing or offline marketing. These are called Martek. And these different types of Martech tools together are called 'Martech stack'. 

The way Martek came to be 

With the popularity of brands like Google, Apple or Facebook, new fields of work began to be created with Martek. Then brands, entrepreneurs or investors began to understand that with the rise of digital communication, new types of digital marketing have to be started to sell products online.

So, in a word, with the advent of technology like search engine or mobile internet access, new job opportunities are created with Martech.

With the proliferation of the Internet, marketers were initially faced with the dilemma of analyzing huge amounts of customer touchpoints, customer data, and customer behavior. As a result, there is a need to sort out this information and perform various tasks automatically. These problems are solved through various types of MTech tools.

For the convenience of marketers, new Martech tools are constantly coming in the market. With these, marketers can easily do various things like automated marketing campaigns. These things could not have been imagined so easily before. 

Why Martek is important 

Today, Martek is very important for the survival of the business. Because multiple marketing teams can work together through Martek. So many team management can be done very easily now. In addition to maintaining the continuity of work, various data and work methods can be adjusted through Martek.

It is possible to plan marketing campaigns for specific customers using Martek. As a result, the lower the cost, the higher the results. At the same time there is no hassle of unnecessary data and communication. 

Different types of Martek tools 

Many types of Martek tools are now in vogue. They can be divided into 6 parts on the basis of work. Such as:

1. Advertising and promotion 

Digital marketing involves working together on multiple platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. All platforms can be worked together with the Martek tool. Martech helps marketers to get maximum results from projects like social media advertising, native advertising, programmatic advertising or search engine optimization. Some of the popular tools used in this case are: Adtech, Acuity, AdSupply, ExactDrive, LaunchBit etc.

2. Commerce and Trading

Different organizations now have to work with a large number of customers. As a result, many tasks of sales and customer management require automation. There are several popular MTech tools for managing these efficiently. SalesForce is very popular among them. Also Enplug, Brandify and Collabspot are some of the most popular tools

3. Content and customer experience 

Many things like content management systems, search engine optimization, landing pages or digital asset management are done through content marketing. The main purpose of this work is to create, curate and automate content. Some of the favorite tools of content marketers are Hubspot, Wordpress, Crazyegg, ContentSquare and Adgistics. 

4. Data 

As any brand grows, so does the communication and relationship with customers. As a result, the amount of valuable data or information received from customers continues to increase.

But how to use these data, how to come up with new marketing ideas, is the real work. With the MTech tool, it is easy to organize data from different sources and make them usable.

For example, many of us know about data analytics. The Martech tool can also be used on customer data platforms, data management platforms or predictive analytics. Some of the popular tools for this work are BlueKai, Lotame, Piwik, Tealium, FunnelWise, CoolaData and ClearStory Data. 

5. Management 

There are also Martech tools on the market for marketing team management. These tools are used for collaboration, coordination and project work.

These tools also help in project management, time tracking, hiring new staff, communication and financial management. Some of the most popular tools are Asana, DeepTalent, ProductPlan, Simple and Conceptboard. 

6. Social and relationships

Marketers use a number of Martek tools to capture new customers and keep in touch with existing customers. The scope of work of these tools includes everything from social media management, monitoring, e-mail marketing, influencer marketing to community management, live events, chatbots, call management and much more. Some of the popular Martek tools are MailChimp, Marketo, Later, SocialCircle and Brandwatch. Martek technology


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