The Use Of Augmented Reality In Business ✅ The Use Of Augmented Reality In Business

The Use Of Augmented Reality In Business

The Use Of Augmented Reality In Business

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Augmented Reality or AR is a technology that allows you to adapt to the real world by adapting to different situations in the real world.

This is why it is often called the extended version of the real world.

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Augmented reality basically adds an extra layer to what you see in reality. This technology creates a new kind of feeling in a combination of real and virtual. The result is the experience of seeing everything from a different perspective.

The key word in the term ‘Augmented Reality’ is ‘Augment’, which means to augment, to add or enhance something to something.

This is basically the level at which the computer-generated virtual is associated with the real environment. What you want to see according to the demand, you will be shown through augmented reality.

Not just computer-generated images, but augmented reality can include extra sound, video, graphics, touch sensations, or even GPS data. 

Suppose you are looking at your reading table. But you want your table to look more beautiful or have some extra books of your choice on the table. You will see this through augmented reality technology. With this technology you can arrange your world as you wish and present it through pictures.

Or suppose you are sitting at a reading table, but the writing in the book seems monotonous or difficult to understand. So you want to read in a more convenient position. In that case, the whole matter has been made clear to you by showing all the information of the book in front of the eyes through an AR device through animation. In that case, it would seem that the whole thing is really happening.

The use of this technology in business is now being considered. Innovators are constantly researching the role that this technology can play in customer experience and transactions, including increasing workforce capabilities. As a result, people's interest in it has been greatly increased. This rapidly evolving technology can drastically change the way business is conducted. 

Augmented reality is set to emerge as a major economic driving force in the technology industry. According to those who study the future of various industries, the market value of augmented reality will reach 5k trillion by 2024.

One of the ways to use augmented reality in business is through 3D modeling. Currently 3D modeling is widely used in the design of things like apartments or cars.

This technology can also be used for training in various fields. Some organizations are currently using augmented reality to train employees.

When trained in a very realistic way, there is often a possibility of making a mistake, which leads to economic loss. It is possible to avoid those mistakes through AR technology. AR technology in retail will also give customers a chance to trial before they buy the product.

In short, there is a lot of potential for using this technology. However, businesses have already tried to give us an idea of ​​what can be done with this technology in the near future. Let's take a look at the top five ways to use AR technology in business. 

1. Retail business

Any smartphone or tablet can be used as an AR platform. This technology can be used to create a shopping environment for customers. In any case, the shopping experience can be changed by using the AR platform, whether it is a conventional building store or an online store.

Motorbike maker Harley-Davidson has recently created an iPad app with the help of AR application company Marxent, which makes it possible to have a virtual shopping experience.

Through this app, customers will be able to design different types of body, seat, light and other options by designing customized bikes of their choice.

Only a small entrepreneur based online can create a 3D shop using AR technology, which can bring the experience of shopping in real store. Giving customers the opportunity to try out an item before buying it increases their satisfaction and reduces the tendency to return the product.

2. In field service in industry 

An engineer can take the help of experts from a distance through AR technology. It also allows the engineer to match the design or diagram directly to his work place. And by using smart-glass, engineers can do different things together without using hands.

It is not possible for an engineer to specialize in all technologies and infrastructures. Therefore, the use of AR technology in the industry can improve the security system and reduce confusion. This will reduce the pressure on engineers. AR technology can also build a strong workforce network by connecting workers with experts worldwide. 

3. In design and modeling

Augment, an AR app company for Watermark Products, a leading provider of inflight products in the airline industry, has come up with an end-to-end solution using AR technology.

Using Augment's plugin, designers visualize product mockups on their device screens. In this way, instead of creating expensive prototypes, clients can compare images of new and old products side by side through virtual models. This allows clients to quickly understand the activities of the proposed new product.

AR technology can be used to assist in the design and development of early stage products. Through which it will be possible to show the designers a clear picture about the structure and function of the product. 

4. In training and education

The use of AR technology in medical education is also increasing. Medical students can participate in the 3D holographic anatomy program through a partnership between Cleveland Clinic, a US-based academic medical center, and Case Western Reserve University.

In this program, through Microsoft HoloLens, a student can see the structure of the human body in a virtual way and gain a deeper idea about it. According to school officials, this saves time in the traditional way of dissecting corpses for hours on end in the laboratory. Case sees the possibility of applying this technology to other areas of Western University research as well.

It is possible to impart detailed and in-depth experience through AR technology to train students of any level in any field of education. The use of this technology has proven to be more effective than conventional training. This means that if this technology is applied, the students can become proficient quickly by getting in-depth training.

5. Repair and maintenance

Among the popular car manufacturers, Hyundai launched the first AR Owner Manual in 2015. Using a smartphone or tablet, customers can get information about car parts repair, maintenance and features of the car.

The app has a lot of videos on how to use the various features of the car. Also, when users scan different parts of their car like an engine, a 3D overlay image of that part appears on the screen.

Even inexperienced people will be able to identify and repair car problems by following the step-by-step instructions through this AR app. This will greatly reduce repair time and associated costs. As a result customer satisfaction will also increase. 


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