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Such Could Be The Road To The Future

Such Could Be The Road To The Future

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Like other industries, the construction industry is also being affected by technology. Many believe that modern technology will be used to build roads as well as buildings in the near future.

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In that case, the combination of technology in road construction can be brought: 

Solar Road 

The solar road works just like any other solar surface. However, Solar Road will not be made with glass panels.

Solar Road is built using durable crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar panels, which do not cause any damage to the surface when walking or even driving.

However, there are some limitations to the current solar road construction. For example, it costs a lot more than conventional asphalt or pitch used on roads and these roads have to be built towards the sun or along the sun to get good results. The idea is that initially it would not be possible to use such technology as a source of energy. However, these solar roads will add extra power to the power grid.

Piezoelectric road 

Piezoelectric roads are not like solar roads or solar roads. This road creates energy. A kind of substance is mixed under these roads.

With the help of this substance, the energy generated from the weight of the tires of the vehicles passing over the road is absorbed by the road crystals. The electricity generated from here is then connected to the local grid and used to run LED lights or smart technology on the side of the road or in the surrounding area. 

LED Road 

Conventional lines or signals drawn on the road can be replaced with LED technology to keep the road visible in any weather conditions.

Used in conjunction with smart technology, it warns motorists in advance about where the lane ends. Each lane of the highway may have such lane closure warning system.

The LED system incorporates everything including sensors, pressure plates, security cameras and photography equipment to make the lane change work beautifully. If there is any danger in front of the road, it is informed in advance. These modern roads will also save electricity as the lights are off at times other than when driving. 

Electric Road 

In the case of solar and piezoelectric roads, it can supply power to the city's electric grid. But it is possible to use energy immediately from the electric road.

The surface of these roads is in such a condition that electric vehicles can charge batteries while passing over them. That way, the car doesn't have to waste time stopping to recharge.

Again, there is no need to worry about whether you can drive to your destination by looking at the charge meter. Much more research and investment is needed to build such roads on a large scale. But if it is possible to build an electric road, it will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry. 

Self-repairing road 

Scientists in different parts of the world are currently studying materials that can automatically repair asphalt or pitch surfaces.

Attempts are currently being made in the Netherlands and China to build such roads on an experimental basis. Self-repairing roads are made of a special combination of different materials. When signals are sent to the damage sensors installed on these roads, the alloys begin to melt automatically and the holes in the surface of the road begin to fill up.

This technology can be used in combination with piezoelectric crystals, another technology that works under the surface.

Self-repairing roads can take up to three hours to repair and may require temporary road closures. But no manpower will be required for such repairs.

According to data published on the 'Compare the Market' website, global carbon emissions could be reduced by 16 percent if self-repairing roads were built worldwide. At the same time, the cost of building infrastructure can be reduced by up to 32 percent.

Smart Road Networks 

With the help of smart technology, different systems can communicate with each other. And based on this idea, ‘Smart Road Networks’ works.

It is a type of software program that automatically notifies an oncoming vehicle of an impediment or interacts with an LED system. This LED system activates the roadside alert system.

Such smart technology can further improve traffic management. Vehicles that need to reach the destination on an emergency basis, especially during peak hours, can be arranged to avoid road congestion. 

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