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How To Find The Job Of your Choice On LinkedIn

How To Find The Job Of your Choice On LinkedIn 

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LinkedIn is an international network of professionals. The network has 756 million members across 200 countries. The LinkedIn platform receives billions of job advertisements from 57 million companies.

How To Find The Job Of your Choice On LinkedIn, Strategies to use, Inactive and active tools, How to find employers in specific sectors using filters on LinkedIn, How to message employers

LinkedIn is not just a network of professionals and job seekers, but also a way for employers to communicate directly with job seekers. This opportunity for communication can turn a career seeker's career around. 

Strategies to use 

There are two types of strategies you can use to find the job of your choice. First, you need to sort your LinkedIn profile through search engine optimization (SEO). So that your profile comes up as a result as soon as you search for the industry in which you work.

This requires using keywords in the profile that employers use more.

Another type of strategy can be adopted. Contact employers directly who are working in your industry. Show them your skills and where you want to work. This will increase the chances of the employer coming to the notice of the organization and will create a field to build a good relationship with them. 

Inactive and active tools 

One of the best ways to bring your profile to the attention of employers on LinkedIn is to use the #OpenToWork function.

If you want, you can select ‘Share with Recruiters Only’ option here. This way, your notification will reach the organizations or individuals who have subscribed to LinkedIn Recruiter Service.

If you are a LinkedIn member, using this function will bring up a green circle around your profile picture. This means you are looking for a job now.

Those who are currently in a job, however, should use this service very carefully. LinkedIn, of course, provides some protection so that no one in your current organization can see that you are looking for a new job. However, LinkedIn cannot provide complete protection.

And if you want to find a job in an active way, you can use LinkedIn's search engine. From here, members can get streamlined search results with the organization, job, group or post of their choice. And using these results, members can apply for jobs as per their demand. 

How to find employers in specific sectors using filters on LinkedIn 

When looking for a recruiter or employer on LinkedIn, you first need to select 5-10 people. Don't apply for a job with everyone you meet. Don't send connection requests to someone who has not been employed by your organization for a long time or even if you do, your skills do not match their needs.

If you find it difficult to do these things on a smartphone, use a laptop or tablet.

Let's take a look at the steps you can take to find the job of your choice using LinkedIn filters. 

1. Go to the ‘My Network’ option on the home page. 

2. Click on 'Connections' in the left side column. 

3. Now click on 'Search with filters'. Then select the ‘All Filters’ box at the top right. 

4. Then select 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections in the pop up box. 

5. Then go further to the 'Industry' section below. This option will be a few sections below the pop up box. Select the industry of your choice from here. This is a very important step, because you have to work with people in the industry who have the skills or abilities you need for the organization. 

6. Now go to the ‘Keywords’ section below a few more sections of the pop up box. Type "Recruiter," "Headhunter," "Talent Acquisition," or "Hiring Manager" under 'Title'. 

7.  Click on 'Show Results'

You can contact the recruiters or employers who appear in your search results by clicking on the 'Connect' button. If you want then you can go to the 'Add a note' option and give a separate message to everyone.

In addition to those you are directly connected to, those who are mutual ie your friend's friend will also show in this search option. You can request the one who will be in your mutual connection, let him introduce you to the employer.

How to message employers 

Your message should clearly state what skills you have, what tools you know how to use for work and what projects you have worked on. You also need to specify which job you are applying for and what skills are required for that job.

This will make the employer understand that you have done enough research on the job and you are serious about it. As a result, it will be easier for them to determine how well you fit into the position.

LinkedIn is a much needed social media platform for professionals. Employers and job seekers are using this platform regularly. If you are a job seeker, attach all the necessary information to your profile. Also, use the #OpenToWork function on LinkedIn to make it easier for employers to find you when searching. 

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