Here Are 4 Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile ✅ Here Are 4 Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is a very effective platform to showcase your career skills and achievements. If a businessman, new entrepreneur or any other professional has a well-organized LinkedIn profile, then there are various benefits to be gained in the career.

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile, 1.Establish yourself as an expert in your field, 2.Choose the right profile picture, 3.Your biography is arranged like a summary story, 4.Expand your network, Career, LinkDine, Network

But many times we neglect this. Although we spend a lot of time behind our own idea or company branding, many of us do not understand the importance of personal branding.

LinkedIn is a medium where more than 740 million people of different professions are involved and every minute 3 of them find the job of their choice through LinkedIn.

So it is a matter of negligence not to strengthen one's position on this platform to advance in one's career. 

1. Establish yourself as an expert in your field 

In the field where you have built your career, there are many opportunities to express yourself as an expert through your LinkedIn profile.

For example, you can add a link to an article or any other content written online to your profile.

You can also catch the eye of famous people in this field by sharing any in-depth analytical writing on the subject you are working on.

So organize your LinkedIn profile with your thoughtful writing and content, so that others can gain an idea of ​​your skills and experience. 

2. Choose the right profile picture

No matter how good your content is on your LinkedIn profile, it will be awkward for you to be capricious when choosing profile pictures.

So there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a picture. Never use a group photo as a profile picture. Use images where the background is as blank and empty as possible.

Make sure your look covers 60% of the frame area in the picture. Also, in order not to look blurry, you must select a good quality picture.

But the most important thing is to make you look smiling in the picture. A recent study found that people who have a smile on their face in a profile picture like them and think they are better than others.

All in all, people's attitude towards them is positive. Of course, how you smile in the film is up to you. If your field of work is modern in an open environment, then you can open your mind and smile. Again, if you work in a corporate environment, it would be better to give a light smile. 

3. Your biography is arranged like a summary story

Those who hire staff have to look at numerous CVs, biodata and resumes every day. So on LinkedIn, you need to make sure that your short biodata is different from everyone else's.

If you can use some common words related to your career, people can easily take a look at your bio. So arrange the bio like a story.

It is not enough just to mention one's own merits, skills or work experience. Highlight the entire journey of your workplace in the bio. Add some personal conversations if necessary. If you want, you can also express your intelligence in two / one lines. 

4. Expand your network 

Growing your own network is an easy way to show that you are competent and acceptable in your field. To do this, add your e-mail ID to your LinkedIn profile. This will give you suggestions on LinkedIn from people you know who have worked with you before.

Another great way is to join the LinkedIn groups in your field. You can also join other groups associated with the field if you wish. You will have the opportunity to comment on the various discussions in these groups. As a result, you will make contact with people who think like you.

Just as LinkedIn has the facility to send messages directly to the inbox, it also has the facility to make warm calls. Using these you can easily communicate with your client or partner.

LinkedIn can easily make a positive difference in your career. So use this platform wisely. Your brilliant content on various recent topics on the LinkedIn profile will set you apart from the rest. This will allow you to see the best organizations and individuals in your field.


I am ARMAN, the founder of this blog as well as the writer. Creating this blog with the intention of sharing what I know about online technology with people.

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