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Smart And Eco-Friendly Solar Power

Smart And Eco-Friendly Solar Power 

The solar power sector as a framework for power generation is growing rapidly. And over time, the sector is preparing for the future of solar energy.

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As a major part of green technology, many new innovations are being heard in this sector from different parts of the world.

However, there are some drawbacks to the solar technology currently in use, despite the fact that the market continues to grow. For example, its widespread use is being hampered by the use of photovoltaics or PV in solar cells and panels. The technology used today is not only sun and battery dependent but also uses harmful toxins. Its waste during production and disposal has a negative impact on the environment.

Many times the size of the solar panel is so large and inconvenient that it becomes difficult to adjust the space for it in the existing installation. As a result, the market demand is not growing as much as expected.

The future solar power technology will be a completely new type to solve these problems. These technologies will be bio-dependent and environmentally friendly. The technology to absorb visible light and ultraviolet rays using bacterial proteins has already been discovered.

In addition, the use of windows as solar panels will increase in the future. Then all the houses can be converted to solar energy and renewable electricity can be produced for free. Like ordinary glass, light can flow through these windows. However, more research and investment is needed to bring these smart grids of smart technology to the market.

The image shows a semi-transparent or semi-transparent solar cell. Light flows in different ways in different parts of this panel. 

Solar paint is another promising and affordable technology. It is a kind of paint that looks like ordinary paint. However, after applying this color on any surface, the entire surface acts like a solar panel. These paints contain a lot of tiny sensitive ingredients. So that after painting the installation or building with these paints, when sunlight falls on it, it takes energy from there and converts it into electricity.

No special skills are required to paint with these paints. Once any surface or installation is completely painted, only a technician is needed to move it. This greatly reduces the cost of installing conventional solar panels. However, more research is needed on this technology, such as solar windows. Currently available, such solar paints can only use 3-8% solar energy. As a result, commercial production of this technology has not yet begun.

Research is also being done on cars that will run on full solar power. Using fossil fuels alone, humans travel approximately 9.5 trillion kilometers each year. This distance is more than one light year. The huge amount of fossil fuels used in vehicles is causing global warming. And solar technology in cars can help a lot in dealing with this crisis. Solar technology is already being used in many cars in the market. And its use will increase in the future.

Solar energy will also be used in water treatment plants, air conditioners or computer technology in the future. In addition to protecting the environment, the general public will be able to use natural energy more easily in their work. 

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