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Here Are 4 Key Pointers In Moving Forward With Hybrid Working

Here Are 4 Key Pointers In Moving Forward With Hybrid Working

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Which is better between working at home and working in the office?

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Here Are 4 Key Pointers In Moving Forward With Hybrid Working

There is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on the organization, its type of work and the personal preferences of the employees.

However, the solution to this question lies in the hybrid work model. This model adds all the benefits of working in the office and remote working. When employees can work in the same place as the office, we can have the benefit of simultaneous work and spontaneous communication. On the other hand, working from home offers the benefits of productivity, flexibility and cost reduction.

Let's take a look at the 4 most important things to work on in a hybrid model.


What do you need for your team and your business? It is important for you to understand this first. Remember, in the case of work, the type of work and the staff, you have to think from these two perspectives. Although these two issues are different, they are related to each other.

Many place more importance on the type of work than on the employees. But these two issues are equally important.


After the initial analysis, you need to plan how to communicate with your team.

At this stage you need to manage the activities of your team and think about different aspects of the project. Being able to manage employees is the focal point of planning for your hybrid working. This includes the organization's regular activities for running the business, as well as issues such as creating various reports or providing technical support.

While it is not important to focus on the project at this stage, it is important to keep in mind that it will have an impact on your hybrid working plan. So there must be a purpose, so that employees can be given maximum benefits in the office or at home, wherever they work. 


After implementing the hybrid model you will spend most of your time managing and leading your team. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that all employees are treated equally. In the case of a hybrid team, there is a risk that this could lead to a two-tier system in the organization. As a result, employees can also get unequal experience. For example, employees who work in the office are often overlooked by managers. As a result, they are more likely to be promoted. On the other hand, those who do remote work may feel isolated.

So we need to pay more attention to communicating with the staff. Care must be taken not to create a sense of isolation among the workers working in remote work. In general, the manager will have the responsibility, especially those who work at home, to regularly inquire about them. 


After implementing your hybrid model, it is important to determine which method works for your team and which does not. Even if you do not work in the same office with the staff, you still need to evaluate everyone's performance.

Remember, talking about performance and job satisfaction is a bit more challenging when it comes to hybrid working. And if we can address this challenge, it will be possible to successfully implement the hybrid working model in the organization. 

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