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Toggl Track Time Tracking Software

Toggl Track Time Tracking Software

Toggl track is a time tracking app. With this, users can easily keep track of how much time they are spending on a task

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The app is the most popular among freelancers. Because many times they need to keep track of every moment of their working hours. However, the app is also popular with students and those who want to be more productive.

'Toggl track' can be used online through browser. It can also be used as a browser extension if desired. Moreover, the app can be installed on the computer or phone to keep track of the time with that device. 'Toggl track' is much easier to use than other time trackers. And this app does not create any kind of obstacle while going to work.

Time can be tracked by setting the time with the timer in ‘Toggl Track’. Also, time entries can be added based on different events in the calendar. Again, time can be divided by category based on client, job or other tags.

The biggest problem with other 'start and stop' time tracker apps is that users often forget about them after launching. 'Toggl Track' solves this problem by identifying the time tracking reminder and idle time.

If the timer never turns on while working, Toggl Track will send you a friendly reminder that you forgot to turn on the timer. Or if the timer stays away from the computer while it is running, 'Toggl Track' will detect that you are idle. As a result, you can cancel the idle time if you want.

A maximum of 5 team members can use 'Toggle Track' for free. If you want to use the app alone for time tracking, the basic free version is enough for you.

However, if you want to get the app for all of the team members, or if you need to be billed every hour, you can take the 'Starter', 'Premium' or 'Enterprise' packages. Charges start at ড 9 per user per month.

Toggle Track provides users with 3 types of reports. First, the summary or summary report can be used to review the user's total tracked time. This report can be filtered by date, user, client, project or other tags.

Second, ‘Detailed’ or detailed reports show different entries for each tracked time. This entry can also be shared on other platforms.

And thirdly, the weekly report can review the tracked time throughout the week.

Users can save their reports for future use. You can easily share those reports with other team members or clients. Premium plan users can also schedule their reports via e-mail.

Paid plan users can also find out the value of their working hours. That's why users first have to set their hourly price. Or the price can be set separately based on the user or project.

There are many benefits to using Toggle Track for project management. However, in the case of project management, it is much easier to use automated trackers like 'RescueTime'. But with such tools, it can be seen that you are only spending time behind an app. But you can't keep track of what you're doing. But in the case of project management, using 'toggle track' gives a complete description of the work in time.

With this, the project budget can be determined by calculating the estimated time. As a result, if any part of the project costs more than the budget, an alert is sent to the user's inbox via e-mail. However, in the case of budget tracking, some apps like Harvest have more features than 'Toggle Track'.

In short, Toggle Track is a very convenient tool for keeping track of time. However, in addition to Toggle Track, ProofHub, ManicTime or Timedoctor can be good alternatives for time tracking.

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