There Are 5 Reasons Why You Can't Be Productive

There Are 5 Reasons Why You Can't Be Productive

There Are 5 Reasons Why You Can't Be Productive

Have you ever felt at the end of the day that the whole time has passed so quickly? It is more natural to feel that way than you think. Now there is so much around us to draw attention to that there is nothing surprising in the rapid and repeated distraction.

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In addition to this reason, there are other significant reasons why you can not be productive, let's find out.

Excessive multitasking or the tendency to do many things at once

Multitasking or doing multiple tasks at once is not a good practice. Doing so can do more harm than good.

Studies have shown that multitasking lowers IQ, shrinks gray matter in the brain, and reduces productivity by about 40%. So, when high performance is required, multitasking is by no means the ideal way.

Time management weakness 

Research has shown that if you can't do well in time management, you can't work efficiently.

This means that you want to do all the work together without first evaluating the most urgent tasks. But in the case of productivity, such an attitude is harmful. So if you are not yet proficient in time management, then it is time to focus on the issue.

Saying "yes" all the time 

Take a look at your calendar and check out what work reminders you've set out to do so far. How many of these things do you think you can do in the end? How many work promises just fell into liability? How many promises to fulfill your purpose and how many others to fulfill your purpose? Try to find the answers to these questions.

If you spend a lot of time making requests to others, it means you are saying more "yes" to others. So plan in such a way that when you say 'no', when you say "see" or "maybe" and when you say "of course" to keep a job promise. And then always try to adhere to these boundaries.

Brain fog 

When there is excessive pressure on the head, neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin begin to deplete and a feeling of dizziness appears.

This can lead to chronic neurological problems. As a result, thinking power is lost and it is not possible to think clearly.

It also creates problems such as memory loss, which can cause problems in your daily work. So don't forget to take a break from in front of your computer even after a few hours.


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about fatigue is sleeping. But you should not only think about sleep, but also about the duration and depth of sleep.

A room in a dark and cool place where there is no disturbance or echo of the device like a minimal sound, is ideal for a productive person to rest.


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