The Way Technology Is Changing The Fashion Industry ✅ The Way Technology Is Changing The Fashion Industry

The Way Technology Is Changing The Fashion Industry

The Way Technology Is Changing The Fashion Industry

Through social media apps, retail shops and augmented reality or ‘AR’, digital technology is changing the way people shop.

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Brands are also adapting to this change to present their products to consumers.  At present, fashion retailers are also able to differentiate themselves from the rest by providing new and different experiences to their customers.

Basically, for a brand to succeed, there is no substitute for being able to communicate seamlessly with customers.  A notable tool in this case is chatbot.  With the advancement of chatbot technology and increased efficiency, any brand can now offer more personalized support to customers on their website.  In this case, chatbots basically play the role of digital sales assistant.  This is how artificial intelligence is being used to help online shoppers.

Virtual reality is another technology that is gaining in importance these days.  With a headset in this technology, the consumer can enter a completely different reality.  Through which they can get more detailed idea about any brand or product.

The way the fashion and technology industries are creating hybrid products

A new type of product or product is being created by combining different skills from both technology and fashion.  These products are basically located between the two industries.  One such product is a jacket specially designed for cyclists.  Last year, clothing company Levi's and Google's Advanced Technology and Products Group announced they would work together to make the jacket.

The technology inside the jacket's fabric weave allows the user to use his phone or device.  This allows users to listen to their favorite songs or podcasts, increase or decrease the volume, answer or block calls, or navigate information.  Again, the technology used in the jacket, the jacket has been made fashionable for the purpose of keeping it secret.  There are many possibilities to use these technologies in the ready-made garment industry to meet the different needs of the customers like formal, luxury or athletic wear.

In the past, wearable technology was a major problem, users did not want to wear these products every day.  In other words, in order to make wearable products popular, the technology in them has to be kept more secret or undisclosed and those products have to be more fashionable.

Fitbit, a popular gadget maker of fitness tracking technology, is working with fashion designers to make themselves more fashion-conscious.  Their goal is to create fitness trackers that users will want to use every day.

Many significant changes can be made in sportswear by integrating technology.  For example, fitness tracking technology can be used to measure heart rate, walking distance, or depth of respiration, and analyze this information to suggest user specific workouts.

Technology is currently being applied in the fashion industry to create positive experiences for customers as companies and brands expand.

All the new and great products are being created by combining the work and skills of different industries through mutual cooperation.  And through this it is possible to meet the demand of customers in all innovative ways.  That is, the potential for technology in the fashion industry is endless.  As a result, experts hope that these technologies will be further developed in the near future.


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