The 3 Aspects Of The Electronics Industry That Are Changing Our Lives ✅ The 3 Aspects Of The Electronics Industry That Are Changing Our Lives

The 3 Aspects Of The Electronics Industry That Are Changing Our Lives

The 3 Aspects Of The Electronics Industry That Are Changing Our Lives

Consumer electronics is an industry where the advancement of technology is most evident.

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Nowadays, people have electronics in their homes, which only a few days ago could be seen only in big research laboratories or in the homes of the very rich.

With the continuous advancement of technology, various manufacturers are coming up with new devices. These devices are completely changing the quality of life of the people.

Those who are able to keep up with the changing situation are able to take full advantage of the rapidly growing customer demand in this industry. The consumer electronics market is projected to reach 1.5 trillion in the next 5 years. 

Health technology 

Recently, the health technology sector has expanded in a short period of time due to the epidemic. To ensure the well-being and safety of the people, various companies are bringing new parts to the market. An example is a smart face mask that provides protection like the N-95, while also disinfecting with ultraviolet rays. There are also voice recognition robots that can automatically disinfect different spaces.

There are also new trends in telemedicine and health monitoring. McKinsey, a management consulting firm, estimates that the market could reach 250 billion in a very short time.

Many smartwatch brands are now introducing newer types of sensors into their products, further improving the customer's health monitoring experience. Artificial intelligence is also being used to monitor the health of the elderly, allowing them to take action automatically in case of an emergency. 

Opportunity to work from home 

According to Pew Research, an international think tank, about 71% of people currently work from home. The level of this progress is much higher than ever before. And this has been made possible by the advances in the consumer electronics industry.

Consumer electronics products are being developed for people from all walks of life, from employees to businessmen, students or teachers. For example, the use of special types of furniture that can be fitted as needed to maintain body posture or posture at work is now quite common.

In addition, screen technology is now bringing a screen that thinks about the comfort of the eyes, so that the eye fatigue is minimized. The use of such screens in the home office has increased a lot. Since most people are now managing their own work, organizations are giving them the tools to make it easier for them to work on their own. For example, many companies have come up with robots for household chores that can do anything from dishwashing to laundry or serving food.

For those who are more of a workaholic, there are devices like the battery-powered cordless airbrush, with which anyone can paint the house. The prices of various types of spare parts are now within reach. 


The use of public transport declined around the world during the epidemic. Because, everyone reduced the direct contact with each other to ensure health protection. Now that the situation is back to normal, there is a need to get from one place to another efficiently, comfortably and safely.

And many innovations have already come to meet these needs. Various companies are now launching new and improved versions ranging from scooters, electric bikes or self-driving cars to many new vehicles.

Overall, it is clear that the consumer electronics industry is changing very rapidly. And for those who are able to keep up with this change, there is a huge opportunity ahead. As a result, it is possible to meet all the new needs of the buyers in the new situation.


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