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Future Technology Four D Printing

Future technology Four-D Printing

 It's been almost 30 years since 3D printing technology came along. And yet we see all the new uses of this technology, new materials for printing or the invention of all new 3D printers. But in the meantime, new technology, called Four-D Printing, has arrived.

Future Technology Four D Printing

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Four-D printing key

Four-D printing is the process by which the structure of a 3D printed object changes under the influence of heat, light or something else. The technology is currently being studied by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In a project running in their ‘self-assembly’ lab, research is being done to invent something that can be self-assembled and programmed through four-dimensional printing.

How a four-D printer works

Four-D printers work on the same technology as commercial 3D printers. However, smart materials like ‘Hydrogel’ or ‘Shape Memory Polymer’ are used as inputs for input in 4-D printers. These smart materials have special ‘thermomechanical’ and other physical properties. As a result, these materials are capable of resizing and differ from conventional 3D printing materials.

3D printing technology, on the other hand, does not change the shape of the printed object. That is, once printed, the size of the 3D printed object remains the same.

Let's look at some possible uses of technology in four-D printing.

 Self-repair piping system

One potential use of four-D printing is piping or plumbing systems used in offices, homes or other installations. Four-D printing makes it possible to create piping systems that can resize depending on the flow and demand of the water. If the pipe leaks or breaks again, it can be fixed by itself. This is because, as mentioned earlier, the size of the material varies according to the situation.

Self-assembly furniture

The size of the furniture that comes out of a 3D printer depends on the size of the printer. On the other hand, with a four-D printer, furniture that can change shape can be made. For example, with the help of a four-D printer, it is possible to print a uniform board, which, if watered or illuminated, will resize to the size of a chair.

Medical system 

There are also four-dimensional printing jobs in industries that require finesse, such as the medical system. Protein-printed four-D printers can be a great use. Researchers are now working on a protein that can place itself and fold itself.

In the fashion industry

Four-D printing can change the perception of the fashion industry. MIT's Self-Assembly Printing Lab is working on the possibilities of four-dimensional technology. One of the ideas is to change the material of the garment depending on the weather or the type of work. As you start running, your shoe will change shape so that you get more comfort and ease while running.

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