Website downtime is the reason for the loss of e-commerce business ✅ Website downtime is the reason for the loss of e-commerce business

Website downtime is the reason for the loss of e-commerce business

Website downtime is the reason for the loss of e-commerce business 

The online store never closes unless it is closed due to any problem or need. However, many times a website can be shut down by itself unexpectedly. This is called website downtime. 

Website downtime is the reason for the loss of e-commerce business

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1. What is website downtime?

2. Why is the website down?

3. Why is managing downtime so important?

4. How to prevent website downtime

Website downtime is a very common and normal phenomenon. Any e-commerce business needs to be prepared to deal with this problem. The best way to prepare yourself for this is to learn more about this problem. 

What is website downtime? 

We can call that time 'website downtime' if any one of the two technical problems exists at any given moment. The first is not being able to access the website. If someone can't access the domain through a page or by typing an address, then the site is down. The second problem is that nothing works on the site. If it happens that the site is going to be accessed, but nothing inside the site is working properly, it also means that the site is down.

Here are some aspects of a website that we wouldn't consider downtime:

• It is not possible to enter permanently inactive or closed websites, but for a completely different reason. ‘Downtime’ on the other hand is a temporary state and it occurs within the normal state of the website. 

• Websites that are shut down for maintenance are also temporarily unavailable.  This is done to update and change the website.  But it's not downtime. 

• Sometimes just certain things on a site may not work.  This only happens when there are problems with coding and programming.  Even if that happens, you can't say that the site is down.  Because the site had such problems from the beginning. 

Why is the website down? 

Website downtime can be a frustrating or scary event for anyone or anyone who manages the site. Identifying the problem can be the solution. Or many times downtime can be prevented. Here are some common causes of website downtime: 

• DDOS attack 

It may come as a surprise to many that the number of visitors from all over the world has suddenly increased at a significant rate. For any online business, such an event is like a dream come true. This may seem like a dream, especially for a small organization. Unfortunately, even if such a dream comes true, it is dangerous. 

Because this is how DDoS attacks can come to your website. This means that suddenly the pressure of extra visitors can come from hackers. Hackers can use botnets to take down your website by increasing the pressure of fake visitors to the website.

Hackers can carry out such attacks by shutting down servers or stealing data. If more than one website is hosted on a server, then all of those websites will go downtime. In other words, your site may be down without being the main target of the DDoS attack. So, when signing up with a server, be sure to check out their security measures. 

• Too much visitor pressure 

Sometimes the number of visitors to your website can really increase a lot. One of your products may have become popular overnight. Or your website may have gone viral in some way, causing many visitors to enter your website at once. But if your server can't handle too many visitors at once, your site may go down. 

• Mechanical disturbances 

We often forget that the Internet is not a Hawaiian thing. Websites are stored on huge and complex devices in different data centers. Even the most amazing technology of modern times cannot be free from electrical disturbances and other mechanical problems.

If your server suddenly shuts down, it may be due to a technical problem, not the host's problem. There is nothing that you can do about it. So choose a server that is capable of dealing with mechanical problems with hardware. When repairing or replacing one machine, choose a server that works with another. Even if there is a mechanical problem, your site will remain active in the alternative system. 

Why is managing downtime so important? 

Internet users often read impatiently.  Think about your own experiences when using the Internet.  When a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, how often do you wait for it to load?

A study on page speed found that if it took more than 2 two seconds to access a website, 40% of potential visitors would no longer visit that website.  Thus the number of website visitors losing for every additional second increases at a compounding rate. 

If this happens while the website is running, it is difficult to imagine what will happen if the website goes down.  The loss of downtime can be devastating for any e-commerce business.

You can lose one customer order per minute of downtime.  If someone comes to the site in downtime, they can go to another site for shopping.  Even if the site goes down during checkout after ordering and the problem is resolved within a short time, customers can still cancel the cart. 

How to prevent website downtime 

Sometimes it is normal for the website to go down for a short time. But so that it does not last more than a few minutes, we have to hope for that. You have nothing more to do. Because you don't have control over it.

But one thing you can control. That is, choosing the best hosting for your website. Find a hosting that offers excellent server security and whose servers cannot be successful with hackers carrying out DDoS attacks.

Another aspect is looking at service credit. If the monthly uptime of the website under this policy is less than the guarantee given by the company, then the hosting company refunds some money to the site owners. 


I am ARMAN, the founder of this blog as well as the writer. Creating this blog with the intention of sharing what I know about online technology with people.

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