The way digital technology is changing the structure of human resources ✅ The way digital technology is changing the structure of human resources

The way digital technology is changing the structure of human resources

 The way digital technology is changing the structure of human resources

The Department of Human Resources (HR) is one of the most important departments of any organization. This department is responsible for several activities. These include resolving personnel management, hiring new staff, training and employment. 

The way digital technology is changing the structure of human resources

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In the last few years, human resources have evolved anew with the help of digital technology. During the Corona epidemic, its structure underwent a major transformation. Because, at that time many organizations were forced to make employees work through remote working. Let's take a look at the way digital technology has changed the structure of human resources. 

Online recruitment 

Still, in many organizations, job advertisements are given only in the form of newspapers or notices. The notice is usually placed somewhere near the main entrance to the office building. But the downside is that very few people notice the job advertisements. Moreover, employers also take a long time to select suitable candidates for the job.

But with the advancement of technology, this process is changing. Open job advertisements are now being offered online and job seekers can easily apply by sending an e-mail or filling up an online application form. This process is much more effective. This is because online advertisements attract a large number of job seekers and they can apply in a short period of time. In addition, in the case of online recruitment, it is possible to exclude many automatically in the initial stage. This allows employers to select qualified candidates in less time. 

Realizing the importance of maintaining social distance during this time of the Covid-19 epidemic, employers at many organizations have interviewed candidates for jobs on various platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. This system has become permanent in many organizations. This is because the opportunity of remote working has been opened permanently for the employees in some organizations. 

Staff and their performance management 

Managing employees working remotely or from home can be quite a difficult task. This is because it is not easy to supervise the work of distant employees as there is no opportunity for direct communication. As a result, some workers become lazy and fail to work on time. This has a negative impact on the organization.

The HR department of any organization can use digital technology to solve this problem. This allows supervisors to monitor their performance wherever employees are. Managers can monitor any employee's work at any moment through employee monitoring software. As a result, the employees have to continue working efficiently from their homes like in the office. Another advantage of such software is that it allows the HR department to monitor a large number of employees at the same time. 

Communication system 

The importance of having everyone present in one place for communication for office work has come down a lot now. With the help of digital technology, information can now be sent from one person to another in seconds. Online platforms such as phone calls, text messages, email, Skype and Slack are now easily accessible. Meetings can also be held on online platforms. As a result, the Department of Human Resources is now encouraging people from all over the world to hire people for remote work.

As a result, it is becoming possible to hire the most skilled people for a job. In short, the impact of digital technology has changed the role and responsibilities of the HR department of any organization. The good news is that many of these changes are positive. And it's easy to apply those changes to the way things are done. 


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