The way chatbot apps are going to be the future of customer service ✅ The way chatbot apps are going to be the future of customer service

The way chatbot apps are going to be the future of customer service

The way chatbot apps are going to be the future of customer service 

We already know how the importance of messaging-dependent customer support is growing as the digital transformation of business is happening fast in the world. This time post chatbot in its continuation. 

The way chatbot apps are going to be the future of customer service

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1. The way chatbots work

2. Declarative chatbot

3. Predict chatbot 

4. Why is chatbot so popular? 

5. The advantage of using chatbot in customer service

Chatbot is a tool for machine learning and analysis, simulation and use of human language using artificial intelligence or AI. By teaching huge datasets, chatbots are enabled to explain the reasons and meanings of conversations with people. Many chatbots today can talk to people in a way that makes it seem like two people are talking to each other, not a device.

However, some chatbots are not so advanced. With those chatbots, simple things like answering some simple pre-programmed questions are done. 

The way chatbots work 

Chatbot tries to analyze the information received from the user or customer in different techniques and give the best solution using that information. The common tasks of all chatbot apps are the same. However, based on the method of work chatbot can be divided into two parts. The first is declarative or promotional chatbots, which operate on the basis of rules. And secondly predictive or speculative chatbots, which work based on data. 

Declarative chatbot 

The rules or methods of data processing used in chatbot software are called declarative chatbots. This means that these chatbots have some pre-programmed rules. And based on those rules, the chatbot gives the customer answers or solutions to any question. Like predictive chatbots, declarative chatbots also use natural language processing (NLP). However, such chatbots cannot understand or answer customers' questions. Rather the answer or solution is based on pre-programmed rules.

This type of chatbot is very useful in any business to help customers to solve any common problem or to answer simple questions that come up again and again. 

Predict chatbot 

Chatbots with AI or artificial intelligence that use machine learning and natural language processing or NLP technology are called predictive chatbots. Such chatbots understand the customer's question and provide basic answers or solutions just like humans. The use of such chatbots in various business organizations is still very low.

These chatbots give customers answers or solutions considering their previous activities, information and each question. That is why AI Customer Service Chatbot is also considered as a "Virtual Assistant". 

Frequently asked questions are called FAQs or frequently asked questions. And especially in answering FAQ type questions, these predictive chatbots work just like humans. Such chatbots can give personalized instructions to every customer. This type of chatbot can continue or even start talking about new things even if it is not already programmed. 

Why is chatbot so popular? 

Chatabot has become so popular through these two, and rapid progress of buyers and artificial intelligence (AI) or Natural Language Processing Technology, through these two. In this, customers are also enjoying the advantages of mechanical and skilled robottic assistant. According to a report in 'Business Insider', in 2019, consumers spent about $ 2.8 billion in the purchase through Chatbhat. 

In 2021, the analysis of different chatabots and sympathizers to customers have already increased and it is still increasing. By 2024, the purchase of Chatbhat is expected to reach the amount of 142 billion dollars. That means, the shopping amount through Chatbhat will increase 5100% in only 5 years. 

As well as being perfect for the promotion of products and providing assistance to customers, chatabot has created a great application to customers as a medium of fast solutions. But it is also true that customers are more comfortable if personal contact with staff in customer service. However, many customers can hesitate to contact the customer service staff in minor problems. Especially if the same problem occurs more than once, customers can feel compressors. In these cases, chatabots are quite useful. 

Also, due to the limitations of lockdown and outside the time of the COVID-19, the Gap that has been created in the customer service program of different organizations has also been possible through these chatsbots. Through this, customers can take services in their house. About 88% of the business establishments during the lockdown said that due to the epidemic, their customer service was faced with disaster. And they also came in front of their weaknesses. Chatabot has removed these problems in various industries. In the industries currently, there are widespread rates, among which include: 

• Retail 

AI-based chatbots have brought significant improvements in marketing and product sales. These bots can help them find products quickly according to the needs of the customers. Chatbot can also promote various products that are normal and acceptable. In the retail industry, chatbots have made shopping easier for customers. 

• Healthcare 

In the healthcare sector, customer service chatbots can be helpful in collecting patient data, analyzing symptoms, and scheduling appointments for customers quickly. According to a report by Business Insider, up to 73% of paperwork in the healthcare sector can be done automatically through chatbots. 

• Travel 

Chatbots can do most of the tedious tasks of traveling anywhere. Chatbots can be used to book flights, track ticket prices, find hotels and book hotel rooms quickly and without hassle.

Companies working in the travel industry can easily enjoy the benefits of automation through chatbots. For example, Canadian airline WestJet was struggling to answer customer questions during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020. Because the number of customers searching for them online increased 5 times. They later decided to use custom-made chatbots to maintain the quality of their service.  

The advantage of using chatbot in customer service 

Chatbot can help any organization to better serve clients and improve the business process. Let's know the main benefits of this time. 

• Improved customer experience 

Customer service chatbots can also create an appeal to clients ’emotions. The entire communication system between the company and the customers can be made more enjoyable and personalized through chatbot. This increases the ability to retain customers for a long time and build a lasting love for the organization among the customers. 

• Provide services in multiple languages ​​at low cost 

In order to provide services in different languages, it is usually necessary to find and hire people who are proficient in different languages. Which costs extra time and money. It is possible to save this time and cost through chatbot. Chatbot can provide multilingual services by quickly converting datasets from one language to another. 

• More advanced personalization 

One of the advantages of providing direct service by creating customer profile is to provide more advanced and personalized service from the first moment of communication between customer and chatbot. Chatbots can find information about customers much faster than humans and instantly understand customer needs. 


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