The importance of using voice technology is growing ✅ The importance of using voice technology is growing

The importance of using voice technology is growing

The importance of using voice technology is growing

Voice technology is becoming more perfect over time. As a result, the technology is becoming more widespread and easier to use. Various organizations are also realizing that it is possible to get benefits in business with the help of voice technology. With the help of this technology, the efficiency of the employees can be enhanced as well as the working methods can be integrated. Again, this technology helps to give customers a better service experience and increase the overall revenue of the organization.

The importance of using voice technology is growing

Usually different organizations improve the quality of their products and services according to the expectations of the customers. In this case, new types of solutions can be found from voice technology. The use of technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and voice analytics tools is improving the performance of various industries. However, these tools can only be used with text as input. This means that all data obtained through these technologies remains unusable, except for the conversion of video, audio, and voice into text.

By combining text and voice data, businesses can further streamline their work. Various NLP and analytics tools can also be used to get a better idea of ​​the business process and customer needs. In this way, businesses will be able to improve their activities in all types of industries. 

In which region of the world will the use of speech recognition technology increase the most after the epidemic? 

Speechmatics, a UK technology company, has conducted a detailed survey on the future of speech recognition technology. More than a third (34%) of those surveyed believe that the use of speech recognition technology will increase the most in the Asia-Pacific region in the future. Because the economy and population of this region is growing very fast. This will change the way business works as well as consumer demand. As a result, the use of voice technology will increase.

North, Central and South America are next in the survey. European countries can also rapidly adopt voice technology. This is mainly due to economic, social and technological factors as well as the realization of the value of voice technology. It is also worth noting that the United States and Europe are already ahead of the Asia-Pacific region in terms of voice technology use. 

On the other hand, most respondents to the survey feel that speech recognition technology is unlikely to be adopted quickly in the Middle East and Africa. Because, in many cases in those areas, the need has not yet been created.

Speech recognition accuracy 

The rate of accuracy in voice technology is largely associated with the field of use and business.  The steps taken by the survey respondents in this regard include the error rate.

Rate), the clarity of the speaker and the ability to recognize the language.  These issues are important in making voice technology more accurate.

The future of speech recognition technology 

About three-quarters of respondents (73%) to the survey said that in order to advance in speech recognition technology, the word error rate (WER) has to be reduced in the future. With the improvement of machine learning algorithm technology, word error rate can be reduced by more than 95%. This error can be minimized, especially in the case of widely used languages ​​such as English.  

The ability to use speech recognition technology even in noisy environments after the Covid-19 epidemic will become another key issue in the future. When using speech recognition technology, it is not possible to ensure accuracy if there is noise around. As a result, it is very important that this technology can be used easily even in such a challenging environment.

In the future, transcription will become a key part of speech-to-text technology, one of the key elements used in the conduct of business for all types of organizations.

Voice technology as a whole will move forward by further improving areas such as punctuation, speaker clarity and language recognition.


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