The growing role of technology in urban planning ✅ The growing role of technology in urban planning

The growing role of technology in urban planning

The growing role of technology in urban planning 

In history, different civilizations have usually developed around each city. The city is the heart of economic development and innovation. At present the size of cities is constantly increasing. For this reason, conventional urban planning is facing a lot of challenges. One way to address this challenge is to use all new technologies in urban planning. In this way, city planners can easily improve the quality of life in the desired city.

The growing role of technology in urban planning

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Technology and society 

Technology is being used more and more in our daily lives now than at any time in the past. As a result, people's lifestyles and types of work are changing significantly. Due to the influence of technology, people's lives have not remained the same over time. An example of this is a platform like Airbnb or Uber. Conventional and established models of business have been hampered by the advent of such technologies. As a result, all conventional organizations or employees have had to take new measures to adapt to these new technologies.

Again, as the number of people working and living in the city continues to grow, resources need to be used more efficiently than at present. With technology, citizens and urban planners will be able to use their capabilities and resources in a smarter way.

Entering a new era of the existing city system 

In the past, the introduction of vehicles such as cars, buses, or trucks necessitated major changes in many cities around the world. This resulted in the construction of industrial areas, unplanned urbanization and roads. For all these reasons, urban planning has become quite a challenge.

Now again we are entering a new urban era. The lives of the citizens are being transformed through new innovations in technology. The city system is also changing with all the new concepts like "Smart City" or "Industry 4.0". If these ideas are implemented, all the new possibilities will be created through the continuous development and progress of the city with the help of technology. 

How technology can help in design formulation in urban planning 

It has already been proven that technology can help a lot in different stages of urban planning. Those who work for urban planning can further expand the scope of their work through technology. Doing so can help citizens become more involved with the city's design process. Moreover, city planners need to address some of the more city-centric problems. In cities in particular, issues such as rapid population and economy growth, climate change, transportation, and rapid urban sprawl need to be taken seriously. Therefore, it is very important to develop city planning with the help of technology to use the resources and capacity of any city successfully. 

Application of urban design process technology 

Urban planners can use technology to improve their work in different parts of their work. With the help of technology, it is possible to create a city developed to live and work people. 

• Cloud Technology: With the help of cloud technology, city planners can collect details of specific areas and create a database. Cloud technology can also be helped to plan large infrastructure projects. 

• Internet: The city planners through the Internet can design workers and employees to work from a remote region. In this way, opportunities for low traffic congestion and advanced transport facilities can be created in the city. 

• Internet of Things: Some common tools of IOT or Internet of Things are already used. An example of this is that some streetlights that set up in different cities, which are not needed, can automatically save energy. The city planners can work with more solutions with technology and improve the infrastructure of the city.

• Planning apps: City planners can create specific areas suitable for citizens and traders using modern technologies as well as open data. Some planning tools like "National Equity Atlas" (National Equity Atlas) and "Metro Pulse" are already being used in the United States. In order to create the city design, these tools make many tasks easier. At the same time, these tools can easily be determined as such areas of any city residents. 

• Virtual Reality: Through virtual reality, a 3D model can be created by subtly imitating the real picture of the city environment.  Using advanced visualization techniques, city planners can create almost realistic pictures of different urban areas.  As a result various potential environmental effects can be estimated.  In this way better evaluation and decision making can be done. 

That is why technology should be used considering the citizens 

According to experts, the new technologies could add local residents to the urban development trend. Already a lot of people from different countries are showing more interest than ever before in various discussions on urban planning. So, it is not necessary to limit the technology to the concept and design of the new city only. Rather, city planning should use technology to improve the quality of life of the residents. At the same time, a strong infrastructure needs to be created through technology to store and use data. This is crucial in involving local residents in the design and development of new urban areas. In this case blockchain technology can be used. There is also a need for research and exploration at the local level on what other potential technologies can be applied for urban planning. 

Plans to create an intelligent community 

Urban planners can use technology for the purpose of creating strong communities or areas and above all for building a smart city. Residents can introduce a ‘self-management’ approach that will identify problems in the city and propose solutions. This will make cities more financially sustainable and self-sufficient. Also more green space or green space is guaranteed. In this way, the design of an intelligent city can be created through technology in many more ways. 


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