Different types of wireless communication technology ✅ Different types of wireless communication technology

Different types of wireless communication technology

Different types of wireless communication technology 

Wireless communication refers to the exchange of information over a certain distance without any wires, cables or other electrical conductors. Wireless communication is now one of the most important means of transmitting data to any device.
Different types of wireless communication technology

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1. Radio
2. Cellular
3. Satellite
4. Wi-Fi
5. Bluetooth 
7. WiMAX

In any wireless communication technology, information can be transmitted without any cable using electromagnetic waves or electromagnetic waves through radio frequency, infrared or satellite etc. inside the network.

Here are the details of different types of wireless communication technologies and methods. 


Radio communication is one of the earliest wireless communication technologies. Radio is still used in many cases. Users can communicate over short distances via portable multi-channel radio. And truck bands and sailors can communicate over long distances through Citizen Bands and Maritime Radio.

Information transmitted via radio is usually transmitted through the air as radio waves. The radio has a transmitter, which transmits the data as a radio signal to the receiver antenna.

Ordinary radio stations are connected to the radio network for broadcasting. Broadcasts are usually two-way. These are simulcast and syndication.


Cellular networks use mainly encrypted radio connections. It controls and manages multiple users to communicate in a single frequency band. Since the handset does not have sufficient broadcast capacity, the method depends on the connection established between multiple cellular towers. 


Satellite communication is a type of wireless technology. Satellite devices can communicate directly with satellites orbiting the earth via radio signals.

This allows users to stay connected from virtually anywhere in the world. Devices like portable satellite phones or modems have more powerful broadcasting systems and hardware than cellular devices. This is because the range of portable satellite phones or modems is much higher.

Satellite communications are made up of a combination of the space segment and the ground segment. A ground system is made up of a transmitter and a receiver. And the satellite is called the space segment. When a message is sent to a satellite through a device, the satellite amplifies that message and sends it back to the receiver antenna. This receiver antenna resides on the surface of the earth. And this is how the satellite system can be communicated. 


Wi-Fi is a low cost wireless communication technology. The Wi-Fi setup consists of connecting a wireless router and a portable device to an Internet connection. The router basically acts as a communication hub. And this network established through Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to connect between different devices. The process depends on the router configuration. The range of this network is quite limited due to low power transmission. As a result, users can only connect within a short and limited range.

Wi-Fi is a relatively low-power wireless communication system that can be used on a variety of electronic devices, such as laptops or smartphones. However, users can only connect within short and fixed distances near the router or signal repeater. The use of Wi-Fi is more common in home networking applications. Wi-Fi is usually secured with a password to prevent unwanted intrusions and for security reasons. 

Bluetooth technology 

Using Bluetooth technology, different types of electronic devices can be linked to them without any system. The purpose of this connection is to exchange information and data. Basically this is the main job of Bluetooth. With this, the cellphone can be connected to Hand-Free Yerpieces. It is also possible to attach wireless keyboard, mouse and mic with laptops. It ensures the flow of information from one device to another. Bluetooth technology is used in various purposes. But it is most commonly used in the Wireless Communication Market. 


Jigby is a type of wireless communication system. This technology is primarily designed to meet the needs of low-capacity, low-cost wireless sensors and control networks. Jigby can be used anywhere. Because it requires very little energy to work. Gigaby has been created with communication in mind through a simple method like delivering data from sensors. 


There are many wireless broadband systems that allow you to surf the web faster without cable. WiMAX is one such example of wireless broadband. WiMAX can provide data at a rate of 30 megabits per second. However, the speed of this service is less than the broadband connection. Moreover, the cost of providing information using WiMAX is not precise. The 4G currently used in phones is one of the versions of WiMAX. 

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