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Cyber-physical system

An integral part of the digital future: the 'cyber-physical system' 

At present, everything around us, from cars or modern machines to smart installations, is being controlled through cyber-physical systems. Although the whole matter cannot be perceived with the naked eye, over time the cyber system is directly affecting the world around us. 

At present, everything around us, from cars or modern machines to smart installations, is being controlled through cyber-physical systems.  Although the whole matter cannot be perceived with the naked eye, over time the cyber system is directly affecting the world around us.

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To many, the subject may seem like a science fiction. But in reality there is no room for doubt about the cyber-physical system. Currently this system is being used to improve the working methods and processes in various industries. As a result, the standard of living of the common people is also improving. 

What is a cyber-physical system? 

According to Professor Roberto Sabatini, a researcher in the Cyber-Physical Systems Research Group at RMIT University in Australia, a cyber-physical system is basically a combination of various scientific theories and technologies used in engineering. These include cybernetics, embedded systems, distributed control, sensor networks, control theory and much more, including systems engineering.

Simply put, a cyber-physical system combines hardware and software to perform a specific task. This system combines various components such as embedded computing and sensor networks to control anything. And in order to complete the whole process, the system must have three components, communication, control and computing.

We are constantly associated with this system in one way or another. Because a lot of things used in our daily life like phone, car or voice-activated device are controlled by computer system. The way we use phones, these systems are not just used consciously. Rather we use this system through various activities like driving even though we are not very conscious. 

Driving is a very common cyber-physical system, where a machine is controlled centrally by a computer. Everything from brakes to maps to directions or temperatures are controlled by a system.

We can see examples of cyber-physical systems in other areas of our own lives as well. For example, in many factories, all processes are now automated by computer. Such cyber-physical systems are improving our quality of life as a whole. Through this the work of the workers is also becoming easier. As a result, the complexity of the whole process of product production is reduced. 

Large-scale installations such as airports are also being integrated with different types of cyber-physical systems. In many airports around the world, multiple machines used for different tasks can be seen working together. Arrival, departure, security check system, check-in system and many more are centrally controlled in those installations. 

Common examples of cyber-physical systems 

At present, innovative use of cyber-physical systems has just begun in various industries. At the international level, experts on cyber-physical systems have been recruited to implement new technologies in the aviation and transport industries. This reduces the cost of various activities as a whole and increases reliability.

Again, cyber-physical systems will be used in agriculture in the future. It can identify areas in the crop field where special care is required. As a result, pesticides can be applied directly to specific areas without using the entire land. This system can also be helpful in better management of the environment like soil, water or moisture. This will make it possible to apply different ingredients like fertilizers more efficiently. 

In the medical system, cyber-physical systems are currently being used to monitor patients remotely. As a result, it is possible to ensure the safety of patients. In the future, such technology could help healthcare workers who are responsible for caring for the elderly. Because through this system it is possible to provide services easily to those who need regular supervision.

By applying cyber-physical systems in the field of production, it will be possible to improve various processes and perform different tasks more efficiently. Through this it is possible to make the production of any product more affordable. Because, it can reduce the cost related to various issues like maintenance and production. 

The cyber-physical system of the future 

Understanding how cyber-physical systems can help innovate in a variety of industries will also help. It is also important to keep in mind the current state of the cyber-physical system.

An example of the innovative ways in which cyber-physical systems are currently being implemented is the Distributed Robot Garden at MIT University in the United States. In this garden basically some robots take care of a tomato garden together. Each tomato plant is fitted with a sensor that allows the robots to monitor the plant. And observes whether a particular tree needs special care. 

Another example of a cyber-physical system invented by MIT researchers is the CarTel project. This means instantaneous real-time data collection from a particular area's taxi fleet. The system uses all this data to find the fastest way to reach any destination in a given time.

The cyber-physical system will be further improved in the future. And the endless opportunities and benefits that will come with the widespread use of this system are becoming clear over time. 

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