6 robots that can draw ✅ 6 robots that can draw

6 robots that can draw

 6 robots that can draw 

The robot has already had a great impact on human life. The use of robotics technology has also been started by designing or drawing it. In the future, the use of different types of robots will increase in future to teach children or designing professional fields. Let's know about 6 robots. Links to Youtube Video Links How Robots Work With.  

6 robots that can draw

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6. Robotic arm 

Evil Mad Scientist Robot

1. Evil Mad Scientist Robot 

The "Evil Mad Scientist" was created with open source software. Again, no programming is required to run these robots. These robots are used for drawing certificates, greetings, personal notes or any device prototypes. 

YouTube link https://youtu.be/s1gaCjqrVGI  

2. Screen Design Robot 

The inventors of the Scribit design robot claim that this is the first robot in the world that can write and delete by itself. With the help of this robot, designers can draw designs on paper as well as on plastered walls, dry boards or glass.

The robot has more than a thousand designs installed. The robot can also create some designs on its own. However, the best part of the robot is that it can be drawn and deleted as many times as desired. The robot can be used to draw portraits, create abstract designs, design websites, create cartoons, draw architectural designs, and create murals. 

YouTube link https://youtu.be/vcV5g52SOkU 

3. Educational Robot Agi-2 

This educational robot has been created keeping in mind the children of 3 to 8 years of age. This oval robot has a magnet attached to it. The robot can help kids learn math or English and draw or color all the funny pictures.

The robot teaches children to draw a variety of funny pictures step by step. This talking robot can easily teach children many things with the help of various learning cards. 

YouTube link https://youtu.be/yMUOgYNqXME 

4. Doodle bot drawing robot 

For those who love to doodle, they can spend some fun time with the "DIY Doodle Bot Drawing Robot". It is also very easy to use. Teachers can use these doodle bots to teach students science, technology, math or engineering.

Initially the equipment of this robot is different. It's also fun to put wheels, gears, motors, and other parts together after you buy them. Doodle bots can be controlled remotely. The robot can use tools such as crayons, chalk, or dry eraser markers. The robot can be modified and used for various household purposes.

YouTube link https://youtu.be/jmq3s2o9vkE 

5. Original Deluxe Edition 

This robot looks a lot like an egg. That is why it is called "Egbot". Another reason for this name is that the robot can draw on round or oval objects.

Using this bizarre robot, users can draw on curved surface objects like golf balls, bottles or light bulbs. Later it is possible to make gifts or various products with those things. 

YouTube link https://youtu.be/gWDq0D8WcvU 

6. Robotic arm 

Robots such as the "Dive Robotic Arm" or the "Rotrix Dexarm Maker Robotic Arm" can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to drawing. These robots can be used for drawing, coloring, writing, 3D painting and laser cutting. This allows users to use different textures and techniques together. 

YouTube link https://youtu.be/FeAGC1gqOf4 


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