Touchless technology is going to be the future of touchscreen ✅ Touchless technology is going to be the future of touchscreen

Touchless technology is going to be the future of touchscreen

The world is in dire need of contactless technology.  Especially in the way we are currently going through the epidemic, such technology is much needed.

Touchless technology is going to be the future of touchscreen
Touchless technology is going to be the future of touchscreen

 As a result of the epidemic, many industries have had to adapt to the situation and change the way they work. As a result, various organizations are coming up with many new innovations to adapt to the changed situation. That is, the whole world will benefit from these innovations.

 Touchscreen technology has improved many of our devices and made all types of transactions more convenient. But due to the epidemic, citizens are now skeptical about touchscreen technology. And a convenient way to solve this problem is touchless or touchless touchscreen.

Engineers at Cambridge University have created a new technology. They call this technology "predictive touch". It has been created using sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI) together. With the help of this technology, it is possible to guess what the user wants and select it before the user touches it.

 In public places, this technology can prevent our display from touching and spreading germs. We often don't even realize that we touch many types of touchscreens in our daily transactions. We come in contact with the touchscreen in a variety of places, from shopping or self-service checkouts. And even after an epidemic, these touchscreens can spread germs like the common cold or flu.

 The idea of ​​completely changing the existing system to install a new touchless touchscreen may seem like a pretty big project. But a team of former engineers working at Samsung has created a device that could potentially turn almost any screen into a touchless touchscreen. They have used LiDAR technology in this work.

The full form of LIDAR is "Light Detection and Ranging". That is, LIDAR transmits laser light to illuminate any target and measures the reflection of that light through sensors. This information can then be used for a digital 3D representation of specific parts.

 Scientists and researchers are already using this technology to find sea levels or to map deep forests. It can observe and measure an area without removing sea water or forest trees. Simply put, LIDAR is the touchless technology used in touchscreens.

 This touchless technology can be used in a variety of ways. This allows the user to control a smart television without a remote by waving his hand in the air towards a certain part of the screen. It can also be useful for multitasking or multiple tasks at once.

For example, if your hands are dirty and you do not want to touch a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can only touch the screen of the device through the air without touching the device.

 At present many businesses can implement small LEDAR sensor devices without changing their entire system. Air Button Technology, Touchless Touchscreen or Predictive Touch, whatever the name implies, this technology is advancing. And all such new advances in technology will change our daily lives.


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