How positive is the reduction of environmental pollution in the covid-19 epidemic? ✅ How positive is the reduction of environmental pollution in the covid-19 epidemic?

How positive is the reduction of environmental pollution in the covid-19 epidemic?

Disappointing news of the adverse effects of the covid-19 epidemic on the health sector and the economy is still making headlines. But sometimes we also get to know some good news. 

How positive is the reduction of environmental pollution in the covid-19 epidemic?
How positive is the reduction of environmental pollution in the covid-19 epidemic? 

Emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants were reduced as the economy slowed in the long months of the lockdown. As a result, improving air quality in many areas has been identified as an advantage of the ongoing epidemic. 

But now that the economy is back on track, is the reduction in pollution really a good thing about the Kovid epidemic? 

In a word, the answer is no. There are at least 3 reasons behind this. 

First, reducing this pressure on the environment was extremely costly. The sudden closure of all sectors and the slowdown in the economy were not related to improving the production process. If the situation becomes normal, more new jobs will be created in the international economy. The amount of pollution will increase again. 

Second, despite the reduction in environmental pressure in 2020, the quality of the environment or air has not improved much. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has not decreased. However, climate change is affected by this concentration, not by the emission of pollutants. 

The level of air pollution has also increased with the revival of the economy. The reduction in the number of illnesses and untimely deaths caused by air pollution did not last long. Many construction projects have been suspended or canceled, reducing the use of raw materials. However, the increase in construction is seen as the main driving force behind the resumption of economic growth. Moreover, there has been very little change in land use. As a result, the pressure on ecology and biodiversity is still increasing. 

Third, the positive effects of the epidemic on the environment will most likely remain in the years ahead. But over time, that is likely to change. The idea is that carbon emissions will increase in a few years. The use of raw materials and land will be the same again. 

#Future prospects 

The future is certainly uncertain. In the future, the relationship between economic activity and environmental disasters may diminish. However, estimates made by large-scale models suggest that by 2030 or 2040, the emission of greenhouse gases, and air pollutants, the use of raw materials, and land use may be slightly lower than normal due to the epidemic. We can be a little optimistic. But keep in mind that this long-term effect is only possible because of the decline in economic activity. This is not the result of efficient use of resources and change of production system. 

 But the big question is, is it really possible to avoid future environmental disasters? The short answer is yes. Many countries are considering launching recovery packages to boost their economies. Such measures are crucial for economic growth. This is especially important in creating jobs for people who have lost their jobs due to the epidemic. 

But moving the wheel of a new economy does not mean just using this opportunity to go back to the old economy. It is also important to invest in reducing carbon emissions and ensuring more efficient use of resources. 

In short, the importance of investing in an environmentally friendly economy is greater now than ever before. And through this, unwanted deaths due to air pollution can be avoided as well as biodiversity and environment can be protected. 

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