What is the bounce rate? Ways to reduce website bounce rate ✅ What is the bounce rate? Ways to reduce website bounce rate

What is the bounce rate? Ways to reduce website bounce rate

Ways to reduce website bounce rate

What is the bounce rate? Can you tell - No, but no problem. Because the main topic of today's discussion is, what is Bounch Rate.

 You can find out about this at some point in your blogging. Then you will have many questions in your head about this issue. 

What is the bounce rate?  Ways to reduce website bounce rateWhat is the bounce rate 

For example, what is the bounce rate? Why is this bounce rate? Bounce rate for a website is good or bad and so on. 

Today's article has been written by these words of these questions. If you think the above questions are awake. So today's article will be much more helpful for you. 

[⚠️ Warning: If you do not pay much attention to the bounce rate. Then do the things that you do to do SEO on your website. Those things will not come in handy. So in addition to SEO, you need to pay close attention to the bounce rate]

See, since you are a blogger.  So you can't ignore anything blogging related.  Because your hobby website will lose rank for a small mistake.  Which is never desirable.

 So if you read the whole article carefully.  Then I promise there will be nothing unknown about your bounce rate. 

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What is the bounce rate?

1. What is the bounce rate?

When a visitor comes to a website from a different source. How much time are those visitors spending on that website? Or how fast he is exiting the website.

Its said as a percentage, bounce rate. 

That is, if you have a website.  Visitors will come to that website from different sources.  For example, it may come from Google, it may come from Bing or it may come from Facebook.

 But where will visitors come to your website.  It's not a big deal, but how much time those visitors are spending on your website. 

The amount of time spent is called Bounce Rate. 

For example, a visitor came from Google depending on one of your keywords.  And as soon as that visitor came to your site, he left again. 

But then the bounce rate of your website will be 100%. 

[💡NOTE: An example is given to 1 visitor just to facilitate your understanding. But in reality the amount of bounce rate is determined based on the total number of 7 day visitors]

On the other hand, if that visitor spent a lot of time after coming to your website.  And the content published on your site was scrolled one by one.

 But then the number of bounce rates of your website will be reduced many times. 

How to see the bounce rate?

2. How to see the bounce rate? 

Got a clear idea of ​​what the bounce rate is - hopefully.  If you don't understand, re-read the article again.  Then the following discussions will help you to understand. 

When you know what the bounce rate is.  Then the question may arise in your mind that, how do you see this Bounch Rate?

 To know the answer to this question, you need to go a little deeper.  So let's go a little deeper into the discussion.

 Do you know Google Analytics?  Google Analytics is one such tool.  Through which you will get all kinds of information about the visitors coming to your website. 

For example, the total number of visitors to your website.  They read any content on your website.  Visitors can know a lot about their IPs through these tools.

 So if you also want to know this information.  So first of all you need to connect your website with Google Analytics. 

When you connect the link to your site with Google Analytics. Then you will get a lot of information on the homepage of Analytics.

 You can see an option called Bounch Rate from a dashboard at the top of this information. Where visitors are bouncing on your website. A graph of it will catch your eye.

How to see the bounce rate?

Bounce rate viewing rules

Bounce rate view rules: Go to Google Analytics from Dashboard 

Behavior> Site Content> All Pages.  

You will then be able to see much more information, including the bounce rate on the skin.

What is the best bounce rate?

3. What is the best bounce rate? 

Now you must want to check your Google Analytics. What is the bounce rate of your website, right?

 Maybe you've already checked. However, the amount of this bounce rate is much higher.

 Now that you know so much, one more question may arise in your mind. Maybe you're wondering, is it better to have a low bounce rate or a high one for a website? 

So listen, the lower the bounce rate of a website, the better. But it is impossible to find a website with a bounce rate of 0 (zero).

 However, there is an amount in between. You need to make sure that your site's bounce rate is the same. 

For example, if your website is industry based.  And if it is a service site.  Then the bounce rate of such sites should be between 10% to 30%.

 Again if you work with e-commerce.  If the bounce rate of your site is between 30% to 40%.  Then it is a very good aspect. 

If you work with a content base website. Then the bounce rate of the site will be a little higher.

 Because people come to these websites to know some information. When visitors get the right information. Then they don't spend much time anymore. And for that reason, the amount of bounce rate on these sites is a little higher.

 But if your website is content based. If the bounce rate of your site is 40% to 60% then there will be no problem.


What is the problem if the bounce rate is high

4. What is the problem if the bounce rate is high? 

Yes! Of course there will be problems. If the amount of your site is high. Then no matter how much you do SEO ৷ All his hard work will be washed away. 

Maybe you don't believe it, do you? 

So listen, what do you do SEO for? Surely you do SEO to increase the visitors to your site. Now think about it, Google pays more attention to visitors than website owners.

 Because, if Google does not have visitors. Then hundreds of websites like yours will be of no use. And if there are no visitors, Google's income will also stop.

 So no matter what Google does. They always work with the convenience of the visitor in mind.
Now take a look at yourself. Suppose your website's bounce rate is 100%. This means that visitors leave your site as soon as they arrive.

 This will send a negative signal to Google. Google will think, since visitors are leaving as soon as they come to your site.

 In this case, you can not give anything to the visitor. Or you're just trying to confuse visitors. 

If your site is ranked for this reason. Even then, Google will continue to lower your ranking. Which is never going to be good for us. 

How and why does the bounce rate increase?

5. How and why does the bounce rate increase? 

Hope you know the details about bounce rate by now. So this time we will know how and why its amount increases. And how it can be reduced.

 There are many reasons to increase the bounce rate of a website. I will discuss all the reasons in phases.

 And you see that you are matching with any such reason. Due to which the bouncing of your site is increasing. 

So some of the significant reasons for the increase in bouncing of a site are: - 

Website Loading Speed 

 Basically how much the bounce rate of a website will increase. Much of it will depend on the loading speed of your site.

 So if the amount of loading speed of your site is much higher. Then you need to solve this problem very quickly.

 Suppose you do a Google search for information. Now you enter a website to get the right information. 

But when you tried to enter that site. Then he saw that it took a long time to enter that site. Now would you sit down to take a full loading?

 No, never. Because you are not alone in giving information about anything. Rather there are thousands of websites like yours. So they will leave your site and move to another site.

 And because of this loading speed, the amount of bouncing of your site from the middle will increase many times. 

[💡PRO TIPS: According to SEO experts, the maximum loading speed of a website should be between 3 and 6 seconds. If more than that, it will carry a negative signal] 

Low Quality Content 

Think about what a visitor will come to your website for. Sure to read your site content, right?

 Now if the value of your content is low quality. So would visitors want to stay on your site?

 No, because even if there are billions of visitors online, those visitors have less time. They want to find a solution to their problem in a very short time. 

Now if the quality of your site content is bad, all visitors will come and leave your site. This will cause you a lot of damage from the middle. 

[💡PRO TIPS: How to write an SEO friendly article. I have published an article on my website about him. If you want to keep visitors in the content. Then be sure to read that article] 

Ads in Everywhere 

Maybe you will put ads on your website in the hope of more income. But due to the greed for income, it can be the opposite.

 The reason is that visitors will not come to see the ads on your site. Keep that in mind.

 No visitors will come to see the ads on your site. Rather, they will come to find a solution to their problems.

 Now if they come and see that your site is full of ads. But then they have to spend a lot of time to take the loading speed. And they will be annoyed because of this ad.  

At some point visitors will be so annoyed that. They will no longer move from your site to another site.

 And this is why visitors are dissatisfied, but this will give a negative effect to Google. Which will cause a lot of damage to you.

 Again, there are many who use a large amount of Pop Up Ad. But it is more annoying than other ads.

 Because when visitors read your content. Then a large window will appear in front of the skin. 

As a result, you have to close that window again and again while reading the content. Which visitors do not like at all. So try to refrain from using such ads. 

Missing Easy interference 

Well, tell me something. Why do you use Facebook even though there are so many social media in the world?

 The main reason for this is that Facebook's website has been designed in such a way. So that any person can get used to this design very easily.

 If Aparid, the design of Facebook would be very difficult. But then it would have been very difficult to get so much popularity. 

Because when people did not understand how to use FB. Back then, they were no longer attracted to this website.

 In the same way, think about your website. When visitors come to your site, they may not understand what is at the top and what is the head of your site. 

So will that visitor stay on your site?

 No, because he can't understand what's on your site. Maybe you like it when designing a website.

 But if you like it, the visitors will like it too. It has no meaning. 

Ways to reduce website bounce rate

6. Ways to reduce website bounce rate

Since you have come so far in the article  So I believe you know what the bounce rate is so far and why the amount of bouncing increases. Got a clear idea about him.

 And if the amount of this bouncing is high. Then it is good or bad for any website. I have also discussed about him in detail. 

So this time we will know that when the amount of bounce of a website will increase. Then how can it be reduced. So let's discuss that. How to reduce that bounce rate. 

Pro Tips For Decrease Bounch Rate 

First of all you need to find out why the bounce rate on your website is actually increasing. When you will be able to find these problems. Then follow the steps given below. 

💡Increase Loading Speed: The most important thing is the loading speed.  Always try to make the loading speed of your site within 3-6 seconds.  Then you don't have to read this problem anymore. 

💡Content Improvement: See if the quality of your content is not good.  Then none of your techniques will work.  So try to standardize your content.  

💡 Make Easy Interface: Pay close attention to the design of the site.  Remember that the design of the site is not to your liking but to the liking of the visitors.  Give enough importance to that. 

💡 Set Internal Linking: When you publish content.  Then make sure that your published content has internal linking.  This allows visitors to move from one page to another.  

My last word 

If you have read today's full article So hopefully, what is the bounce rate, why the bounce rate increases and how it can be reduced. He has got a clear idea about it.


I am ARMAN, the founder of this blog as well as the writer. Creating this blog with the intention of sharing what I know about online technology with people.


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